IRON MAN 3 Lands James Badge Dale To Play Eric Savin

by on May 17, 2012

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Iron Man MK VI BD Version_by_J_K_K_S fr deviantART_200w (Iron Man 3)News on the street says that James Badge Dale (The Pacific, Rubicon) has landed the role of Eric Savin in Iron Man 3.

The role is being called a villain role for Iron Man 3, but for those in the know about the character, Savin is a human that becomes a cyborg called Coldblood. Coldblood is more of a mercenary than a villain in the Marvel world, and past behavioral standards, aside from a few glitches, has not been a bad guy.

The cast is slowly but surely growing and I keep getting surprised by the character news we hear for the movie.

Iron Man 3 - Eric Savin aka Coldblood_img via marvel wikia

What also surprises me is how far into the present they’ve come with this third installment of the franchise. With the first two movies, we’ve seen some classic foes of Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) and it did leave room for many more through the years.

But with the rumored inclusion of The Mandarin (Who folk are surmising will be played by Ben Kingsley), and the Extremis story line, we’re pulling together one of Iron Man‘s classic all-time foes in the magic ring-wielding enemy and characters from the Extremis story arc make me think they’re wrapping up the Iron Man film franchise to leave it at a trilogy and be done.

To be honest, not many films of any portent last beyond a trilogy-like existence, unless you count the horror flick franchises that just keep coming, like the bad guys in the films. (Freddy, Jason, Jaws, Used Car Salesmen, etc.)

So with that, and as we keep hearing about more news on the project, we’ll see where this takes us.

Iron Man 3 is due out in theaters in next year, May 2013. Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle & Paul Bettany will be reprising their roles while the other side of the casting coin includes Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Kingsley and Andy Lau. Shane Black is directing.



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