Iron Man 3 Movie 1st Movie Trailer: Questions, Guesses & Answers!

by on October 24, 2012

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The first trailer for the May 2013 release of Iron Man 3 came out and fans LOVE IT!  But fans now have questions.  Oh so many questions.  Where shall we start?

I don’t believe I’m giving anything away, but if I accidentally hit on something that may show up in the movie, then I’d be giving away spoilers from Iron Man 3 from director Shane Black.  I do chat about character roles and that could very well be spoiler-like.

With that said, just be aware of that so I don’t screw up your movie experience for you.  (Accidentally!?)

Iron Man 3 movie poster

It seems the movie trailer is focusing the viewer on long-time arch enemy of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley).  We know (or heavily presume) that Tony’s new armor is the Extremis armor.  It also seems that the usual, snarky Tony is not present in this trailer.  Instead, we have a serious, lovelorn Tony.

Who is The Mandarin in Iron Man 3, played by Ben Kingsley

But The Mandarin is not the only super-powered villain in the movie.  Or the potential of such.  Looking at the cast listing, there’s an awful lot of firepower of characters in this movie.


Iron Man SPOILERS warning

William Sadler plays Sal Kennedy. That’s a longtime friend of Tony Stark whom he chats with at length about his disappointments in the Extremis storyline.

James Badge Dale plays Eric Savin.  In the Marvel universe, that’s Lt Col Savin, who is in charge of the U.S. Army’s Ultra-Tech division and is also known as that cyborg called Coldblood.

Ashley Hamilton is playing Jack Taggert.  Taggert pilots an armored suit called Firepower.  The suit was a product of Stark technology.

And there’s Xueqi Wang playing Chen Lu.  Lu, is someone who Iron Man put down in the comics, known as Radioactive Man.

Now it may be more than likely we could only see these folks in their human guises.  But then again, maybe not because this collective of bad guys also goes along with a storyline where The Mandarin at one point uses other characters to help discredit Stark/Iron Man.

The other aspect that we haven’t seen is where A.I.M. fits into the scheme of things.  If you’ve been following any of the media news, some time back there were stills of a building with the A.I.M. name in front of it.

But there’s a quick moment in the trailer where I suspect we see a piece of an antagonist I expect to see in this story line and his name is Mallen.   Mallen was the first human to test the Extremis tech.  It made him hostile and dangerously powerful.  When Mallen and Shellhead face off, Mallen beats the living crap out of Iron Man… bare-fisted.  Tony is forced to adapt the Extremis tech because this super-soldier serum (yep) helps the body become better than originally designed.  It helps healing, augments the user to interfacing with electronics, and hence, Stark gets networked into his armor, making it faster than before.

Plus, I’m not sure that the voice-over is that of The Mandarin.  Though more than likely, it is.


On to dissecting the Iron Man 3 movie trailer:

Iron Man 3 - a movie trailer

There are a few scenes that lead me to believe that Stark faces Mallen pretty early on in the movie…  the first scene and later the barefoot scene where we see Happy Hogan. I suspect Happy dies in this movie. He wasn’t looking too good there.


The next, I think is Stark leaving the hospital after getting Extremis.  Maybe.


Iron Man 3 - a movie trailer still

The the glove flying to his hand is Stark practicing with his new Extremis networked skills, interfacing with his armor.


Iron Man 3 - a movie trailer still

The scene where the Iron Man armor trusses up Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), could be the side effect from the Extremis serum. It affects a part of the mind and causes Stark to be able to access pieces of memories in places he’s stuffed them away.  There’s also guilt from past failures stuffed in there.  Maybe the armor is responding to a very bad dream that Stark is having and acting accordingly.


Iron Man 3 - a movie trailer still

There’s a tattoo on the back of The Mandarin’s neck that is in the shape of a target with an A in the middle.  Or as some are quickly guessing, it looks like Captain America’s shield with the Avengers “A” logo in the middle.  I don’t see that being likely.  But I AM NOT SURE what this logo could pertain to.  Though it’s been said that he uses symbolism to effect his work.


We see Rebecca Hall on the ground and not looking good.  She’s playing Maya Hansen, who is the person who invents the Extremis tech.  She’s not looking too good.


an Iron Man 3 movie still

We’re all confused about War Machine dressed up like the Iron Patriot.  At least that looks like War Machine’s shoulder mounted gun… But then again, The Mandarine once did go on a rampage with modified Stark tech.  Hmm?


Iron Man’s hand tearing into Air Force One… that can’t be good.  An enemy running the armor or …?


Iron Man 3 - a movie trailer stillI have no clue what’s happening to Pepper.  Is that her “taking a crap face?”  A toilet seat with shoulder straps?  Rich people do have the oddest things sometimes.

Or is Pepper being held hostage after the mansion attack?


Iron Man 3 - Extremis Armor a movie trailer still

The armor standing over Tony lends a great creepy factor to the entire process…  again, his guilt section of his brain running the armor accidentally?  Or something else?

But if the armor is indeed fighting Tony, could this be an incarnation of Jocasta?  If you recall, Jocasta, a different AI than Jarvis, took over Tony’s armor at one point in time in the print franchise.  If we go with Jocasta, that opens up a new can of worms that could lead to the Sons of Yinsen, and maybe, even Ultron.  I don’t think I could deal with Ultron right now.


I don’t know who War Machine/Iron Patriot is pounding.  We’ll find out in due time I’m sure.


The Malibu mansion being attacked is something else.  We watch Tony and Pepper flying through the air… we watch Iron Man being dragged into the ocean by the debris.  I’m not worried one bit for Iron Man.  But what I am seeing is Tony being dragged away from Pepper, the one thing he can’t live without.  That’s a powerful moment for me.

(Pepper and Tony getting blown across the room… that’s looking bad.  Is there where she gets shrapnel in her heart and Tony suits her up with her Rescue armor?  Probably not.  This is about Tony, doing things on his own and getting out of situations, depending solely on himself.  So said the man.)


Closing scene is Tony dragging his useless, powerless suit of armor through the snow. (Ebay time!)


That’s the collective of my conjectures on what’s happening in the Iron Man 3 first movie trailer.  This could all be moot.  Popeye could be the only super-villain in the  movie.  Or not.

But I took a shot at it.  What are your thoughts?  Do they concur with mine or do you have something different in mind?

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Capt. Obvious October 24, 2012 at 7:48 am

It seems as if you put much time into this process and I’m going to guess you picked and chose what to put in because the comic franchise can be pretty tricky in so far as what the director/writers pull out of what part of Tony Stark’s life.

But one thing is definitely going on, and that is that the trailer does generate more questions, creates great curiosity and whets the appetite.

And we’re still 6 months out from the movie opening in theaters.

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