Iron Man 3 Teaser Footage Headed to Ireland!

by on August 30, 2012

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'Iron Man 3' from Marvel

Boo, I’m jealous! It seems like Movie Fest 2012 that’s taking place in Ireland will be getting to see some preview footage of Iron Man 3. It sounds like the same footage that popped up at 2012 San Diego Comic Con… (See spoiler footage description below)

Unlike most marketing schemes from studios, we usually see the footage that hits Comic Con, but not so with the IM3 footage. So far.

Maybe now that Movie Fest 2012 is coming up next week, maybe they were just keeping this footage off the net so that it wouldn’t be spoiled for Movie Fest.

I’m hoping we get more than the fuzzy, distant shots of building and extras. That’s not a diss, but we’re craving Iron Man 3 goodies!

Check out the new IM3 logo

Iron Man 3 movie logo

Teaser Footage Description…


The clip showed Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, Tony Stark getting fitted for a new IM suit and shots of Tony’s Malibu mansion being destroyed.


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