IRON MAN EXTREMIS Comes to Motion Comics from Marvel [Cinema Static]

by on March 25, 2010

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Iron Man Extremis Motion Comic from Marvel

Marvel is checking out the motion comic medium with an Iron Man title called Iron Man: Extremis. It covers the Extremis story line from the Iron Man comic that took place back in 2006.

The motion comic industry is a fascinating medium. A mix of comic and movie, but no quite either one. I’ve been following the Astonishing X-Men (By Joss Whedon) and I find it rather entertaining. Despite the comic medium, they are mature themed projects.

Check out the preview at PopWatch. The project is going on sale on iTunes, Zune and Xox LIve on April 16. (Unlike the free Astonishing X-Men project.)

UPDATE: Marvel now put it out on YouTube… everyone’s favorite place to catch things!

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