Is Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey) Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy?’ (Spoilers)

by on April 6, 2013

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Chandra Wilson in Grey's Anatomy

After the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, titled “She’s Killing Me,” anyone watching saw past patients of Miranda Bailey’s showing up with some wicked infections, including one passing away, despite surgery set to save her life.

As the episode was coming to a close, Miranda was being called into a conference room with the newly created board of the hospital, as they were sitting her down to talk. All the while, pondering how they were going to get ahead of the inevitable press of this apparent situation.

(I won’t say any more on who is now the new board members of the hospital, in case you’re following the show via DVD season purchases or other time-shifted viewing, but I think you will love what has come of things at the hospital.)

As the episode was coming to a close, my wife looked at me and asked if Miranda Baily (Chandra Wilson) is leaving the show?

(Just because I hover about various insider news feeds and press channels, she seems to think I always know these things.)

So I started digging around.

What I did discover was an image of script cover page for the upcoming two-part season finale, due to air on April 25th and conclude on May 2nd. But cast and crew have been admonished to silence about what things there are to come.

The other thing I tend to look for are contract news bites for actors. And in this case, though it’s not solid 100% of things, Chandra Wilson did sign a 2-year contract extension, as it was reported by TV Guide back in May of 2012.

That takes Wilson straight into 2014 easily, if Grey’s Anatomy gets renewed. (And why wouldn’t it? Grey’s Anatomy TV ratings are averaging just over 9 million viewers in this ninth season of the show, though it is a bit down from last year.)

James Pickens Jr. and Chandra Wilson in Grey's AnatomyNow just because a cast member has a contract, doesn’t always mean they’ll work actively through the contract. Sometimes cast are locked up for ‘x’ years, regardless of the character story arc. Case in point, or food for thought, is Mark Ruffalo, who played Bruce Banner/The Hulk in The Avengers, has a multi-picture deal, I believe six. Despite news that Marvel is hard-pressed to create a story based solely on the character. It’s always safe to lock up talent, just in case.

So what little we know is that Chandra Wilson has a contract through the end of the 2013-2014 TV season. It’s not a guarantee of anything, but I suspect what ever is going to happen in the ninth season finale, probably won’t see her leaving Grey’s Anatomy.

But hey, I could be wrong!

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