Is DC Really Banning Humor From Their Comic Movies?

by on August 27, 2014

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There’s news (or rumor) running around that Warner Bros is frowning on any lighthearted humor in their superhero movies. But to be perfectly honest, this rumor seems to be a mandate getting handed down by DC Comics. And to be honest, if true, it feels like a mistake. Or is it that they realize their writers aren’t skilled enough to pull it off? Who knows?

But for now the bit is that DC/WB wants their heroes to taken seriously, and not human or flawed like Marvel characters. (those were my words)

But the magic in Marvel movies is the intense story, grand action and fantastic humor that leaves you feeling good. Damn, it almost leaves you feeling euphoric after watching one of their movies.

While we’re at it, let’s look back at Man of Steel and the Dark Knight films. (Forget Green Lantern… then again, maybe that’s why this rumored creed could be in existence.)

The Batman flick had spots here and there, but not overdone. Man of Steel barely had any humor and the execution of the one-liners was so ill-placed as to be distracting.

So maybe they realize they don’t have the way with humor, like Marvel has executed. Maybe they don’t have Joss Whedon to help lighten the story, because he is good at that.

(WB must still be kicking themselves for dissing his spec script for Wonder Woman some years back! Who’d a thunk!?)

Here’s my more important thought…

If they want to make all their superheroes serious, then tell me, are you as compelled to run out and buy their Blu-rays or HD offerings? For some Marvel movies are fun. And they’re fun because of the edge of humor added to the stories. Compared to Man of Steel, which I liked, but not compelled to run out and own.

In the Marvel world, their characters are serious and funny, making them approachable and more likable. When we have a light moment in a film, the serious moments have more impact. But a more somber character from DC will only make them someone that fans put on a pedestal, but not as easily related to as someone with a quirk of humor.

So while DC wants their characters to be treated like “gods,” as one source put it, that doesn’t seem very entertaining.

If you think about a Flash movie with no witty humor that the Flash is known for, well, that’s idiotic.

DC… don’t worry about being compared to Marvel. It’s too late, Marvel has done it first and done it best. But to forcibly go in a different direction to stand out, well, the fact that the Justice League movie has been so hard to get off the ground is indicative of your concerns. But in a gunfight, he who hesitates, tends to lose.

NOW, if this turns out to be a stupid rumor, then take this as a conjectorial piece. Otherwise, it stands as an opinion. Sure, no matter what, they’ll be successful movies, financially. But I think they can pull in more if they were to retain a light feel at times in their films. Sigh.




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