Is Fox’s Terra Nova Going Away? & A Bit on HBO’s To Appomattox

by on January 24, 2012

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I was doing a little research the other day and something caught my eye that led me to think that maybe Terra Nova is getting canceled. That, and by virtue of some of that same research, I learned a little bit about a new HBO series called To Appomattox.

Stephen Lang and Jason O'Mara in Terra Nova

The last I saw, the jury is still out on whether Fox’s Terra Nova, the sci-fi series with Steven Spielberg‘s name attached, is going to get a second season or not.

Fox has hem-hawed about renewals for Terra Nova, House & Fringe. But a Fox exec noted that Terra Nova was hunting for itself creatively through the season. and reports say that the show didn’t meet audience expectations, with its TV ratings putting it outside the coveted range of shows for the network.

Terra Nova first had a very long production delay because of some creative issues with the production effects, or so they said. And then the show started off incredibly predictable and thus not that engaging. Yet as the show developed, so too did the story and I was watching on Twitter where it did start to engage some fans. But the engagement may have taken too long to take hold!

And another reason we haven’t heard about any renewal is that I think Fox is waiting to see who Alcatraz and Touch will do. If these two shows become ratings hits, I think Terra Nova is doomed.

But then again, there’s other writing on the wall that isn’t being spoken of on other websites…

I think Terra Nova Is Getting Canceled!

I’m thinking that it might not be getting renewed… Why? Because for a show that could be getting renewed, the primary cast has an awful lot of work going on in upcoming projects and that’s something you don’t see a lot of.

For one, Jason O’Mara (Jim Shannon) has a TV mini-series going into production called To Appomattox.

Stephen Lang (Commander Nathaniel Taylor) also is filming To Appomattox (playing Abraham Lincoln), plus has four movies coming up… Officer Down, Dancehall, Pawn & rumored to be in Give Us a Kiss.

Shelley Conn (Dr. Elisabeth Shannon) filmed a short iTV series called Marchlands. I don’t see anything else coming up for her right now.

Christine Adams (Mira) had filmed another TV series that already finished airing in 2011 called The Whole Truth.

Allison Miller (Skye) worked on a small short film during 2011.

Landon Liboiron (Josh Shannon) did three movies… The Howling: Reborn and Love Written in Blood, with Girl in Progress coming out in 2012.

For Conn, Adams, Miller and Liboiron, the past work doesn’t really say anything but if Conn’s and Adam’s other shows get renewed, then what? Miller working on a short film doesn’t say much either. But if you want to show support for a show you’re working on, would you go off and do other work? I don’t see cast from NCIS of the CSI‘s charging out and doing this much extra work on the side.

To Appomattox

To Appomattox

What’s convinced me of the probability of Terra Nova not coming back is the Sony Pictures Television production of To Appomattox, of which production starts in April of 2012. The show summary says

The emotional lives of America’s most revered national icons – the Civil War generals, their wives and families – against a backdrop of a war.

Lang is reputedly in 8 episodes and O’Mara in 6.

The cast includes Michael C. Hall, Will Patton, William Petersen (CSI), Rob Lowe, D.B. Sweeney, Noah Wyle*, Walton Goggins, Bill Paxton and more… This is one solid cast.

Heck they even have NASCAR’s Carl Edwards and NASCAR reporter Jeff Hammond in the show. (Cripes, whose NOT in this series?)

This does not definitively say Terra Nova is toast, but there’s way too much writing on the wall with some of the cast. And To Appomattox isn’t slated to air on HBO until 2013, but the production schedule sure seems to be a possible conflict.

On the other hand, if we are going to get more Terra Nova, we should know pretty soon, as they’ll supposedly need to get filming pretty soon.


And that’s why I think Terra Nova is probably not coming back. But hey, I could be wrong about all this and we’ll get to see how much more messed up the Sixers can make this new home of their’s, right?


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Chelsie January 24, 2012 at 11:40 pm

I hope it’s renewed. Just because they are on other movies and tv shows doesnt mean they aren’t dedicated to this one. Actors most of the time have several projects all in the same timeframe.

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