Is Michael Bay A Good Luck Charm for NASCAR’s Tony Stewart?

by on November 24, 2011

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For certain things, I’m pretty lucky to be a fan of both sci-fi movies and NASCAR. In this case, something was triggered in my brain!

Tony Stewart 2011 NASCAR Champion

The other night my family came by for Thanksgiving and we popped in Transformers: Dark of the Moon in for the kids.  And just last week, Tony Stewart won the 2011 Sprint Cup championship.  And I’m wondering if Michael Bay wasn’t some kind of lucky charm for Tony Stewart?  you’re probably wondering exactly how the heck I just connected the two?

Check it out:

Well, for anyone who saw Transformers 3, you know that Michael Bay made the Wreckers into NASCAR cars.  Specifically, the No. 42, 48 and 88 cars.  Bay has sponsored cars in NASCAR races for each of the three movies.  NASCAR and Michael Bay have a pretty consistent relationship.

But when Michael Bay was filming scenes for Transformers 3 at Cape Canaveral, if you remember, Bay was wearing a NASCAR hat and it was a Stewart-Haas Racing No. 14 hat!

Michael Bay directing Transformers 3 in Florida

HA!  OK, well, maybe Bay really isn’t a lucky charm for Tony Stewart, but I had to mention it for the NASCAR fans out there!

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