Is Something Afoul for AMC’s Hell On Wheels?

by on November 1, 2012

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Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels

I previously spoke to the renewal of Hell on Wheels for a third season, but sans two of its primary showrunners.  Now it seems, the third guy who was going to stick around to be the new showrunner has chosen to not return to the series production team.

(The first two showrunners were not asked or invited back)

Now the third season of the series is dependent upon AMC hiring someone to helm the series.

If they don’t find anyone that they (AMC) approve of, then Hell on Wheels is dead on the tracks.

This is pretty whacky, because AMC, whose been called out by press in the past, has some fascinating issues with popular shows.

They’ve been cited by folks for getting super tight with purse strings and that seems to cause issues.

Of late, when Frank Darabont was booted, I mean left The Walking Dead, it was after a tedious summer of odd news about writers being fired and budgets getting cut.  Then Darabont quietly exited.

Some surmised that he wanted to spend sufficient funds to keep the show ticking and this was the root of their differences.

Now we have the entire creative team who brought Hell on Wheels to AMC, leaving or not getting their contracts renewed.

The word contract has me thinking money, but I have no solid proof of this.  As it stands, with The Walking Dead, it seems to be doing fine without Frank Darabont.  (No disrespect meant there.)

So for the moment, consider Hell on Wheels to not be renewed for a third season.  That is, unless they find a showrunner that’s approvable.  (Affordable?)


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