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Spider-Man in The Avengers?

Back in March a friend (Hi Shannon!) told me that someone she knew in the movie industry for Sony said that Spider-Man will be appearing in an upcoming Avengers movie.

In my head I said to myself (LOL!) but to her I mentioned how studios pay big bucks to have the rights to a character. The sole rights, so that they can protect their profit margins and what not.  And to be honest, I’m guessing that Sony is hyperactive about protecting the rights they paid to have Spider-Man. (Despite their lack of huge huge success with the franchise.)  I also mentioned how it is very hard to have various characters to appear on-screen in the same movie due to the complexities of those contracts that lawyers have set up for various characters/properties.

Up until today, I’d say you would never see Spider-Man in an X-Man or Fantastic Four movie because the rights to these Marvel characters were paid for by different studios so they could produce their own movies and not worried about getting trampled on by other studios or Marvel itself.

The legal side of the movie industry is tricky and frightening at best.

Yet, despite “knowing” we’d never see Spider-Man in an Avengers movie, I scoped out the web any way… just in case.

Remember, this was back in March of 2014 that I heard this scoop. But I could not confirm nor deny it.

But I did find two items that made note of this particular inquiry during that time frame then.

One piece (which I swore I bookmarked, but can’t find) suggested this very thing, around the time that I heard it. But there was little in the way of confirmation in this one random site’s quote.

Then later, I was a piece from Nerd Reactor piece quoting Rob Liefeld who was predicting that “Sony and Marvel could co-finance and co-distribute upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequals to cross over into The Avengers.”

This piece had support of the idea of how the latest Spider-Man movie sort of stalled at the box office a bit. No, did not fail, just stalled. The dollars were on par with looking good, but if you calculated how many tickets were sold, Marc Webb’s Spider-Man 2 vs Sam Raimi’s second spidey film, it didn’t do that well at all.

For any long-time comic reading fan, you know that the various characters cross paths often or incidentally enough, that it’s almost common place to see this. And we also have a slew of cross-overs, where one character will pass through the title of another. I’ve always felt it was just a marketing scheme to get people to buy the other title.

But as I mentioned previously, the movie world of studios and their banks of lawyers keep this from happening, to protect their investments.

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Quickie recap. I heard from a friend about Spider-Man in an Avengers movie back in March. I kept my digital mouth shut because I didn’t see much in the way supporting this premise. It was beyond a Marvel movie rumor and more like vapor ware. Then Nerd Reactor did a piece on the issue in June.

Now we’re seeing a few new pieces on the web about this and similar issues that has my head spinning.

First thing up was that Marvel is reportedly going to be teasing Thanos for a while longer, while they create more movies, develop a new Avengers team, then bring their entire kit and caboodle together in one big movie based around the Infinity Guantlet. (Which, if you were paying attention, was in Odin’s weapons vault in the first Thor movie.)  Or even the Marvel Secret Wars?

Bad Ass Digest is now reporting that after Avengers: Age of Ultron, the third Avengers movie will be spring-boarding all kinds of new characters and ideas out there.

And to be honest, IF THIS IS TRUE, sounds like Disney/Marvel are starting to handle their Marvel movies much like Marvel (and any other comic company) handles their titles.  They create decent titles, have crossovers with other titles, then tie them all together in one big story.

And now HitFix is reporting all kinds of issues and situations.

One one side, Marvel is killing print production of Deadpool and Fantastic Four… right as Fox is gearing up these movies. Curious as it may seem.

They talk about how Marvel wants to pull in ALL their characters or at least be able to play with them under their own roof at one point or another. To me that means paying back some stiff and expensive royalties to borrow back some characters. But the fans would win, big time.

Which leads to rumors of again, Spider-Man and Avengers. (Hey, anything to save a film franchise, right Sony?)

They talk about the questionable future of the new Fantastic Four movie and the continuation of the X-Men franchise.

Most importantly, they chat about the long-term plans of Marvel and how everyone (other studios) around them is forced to respond to this fantastic film world that Marvel has created around super heroes. It’s to the point where Warner Bros has been rumored to say that all their superhero products will be solid, somber and serious toned pieces.

In WB’s Man of Steel, they had some humor. A few spots of attempted one-liners. But they were so badly timed or placed that I get it if they’ve seriously put out a restriction on their humor. No one can seem to touch the magical timing that Marvel has with their Joss Whedon guided gift of well placed humor.

What all these rumors or reports are coming together to say is that the comic book fan has a ton of entertainment to look forward to.  Heck, news on the street today was that we could probably expect a fourth Iron Man movie!  Boo-ya!

To be honest, I look back at two events in the past that are sad for some but a point of humor or “I told you so’s” from others. Or, great points for Marvel comics fans:

1-That Warner Bros blew off Joss Whedon when he tried to pitch his “spec” script for a Wonder Woman movie.  (We all know how good Whedon is with his portrayal of female characters… and well, what he’s done for Marvel and their films to this point in time.)

2-The other was when Marvel went looking for script writers and directors for the first Iron Man movie and there weren’t too many folk keen on the idea of picking up the mantle of a comic book movie. Marvel had faith in itself and started their production of their own movies with Iron Man. They had a plan then and they have a plan now.

Boy, has Marvel changed that perception and the entire landscape of comic book  movies!



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Hey, thanks! I really tried to put something thoughtful and not newsful together with this one. Appreciate the feedback Paul.

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Great piece, going to share with my sci fi FB page

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