Is Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy) Leaving ‘The Vampire Diaries?’

by on April 7, 2013

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Steven R McQueen as Jeremy in 'The Vampire Diaries'See the 4-7-13 Update Below!

Steve McQueen’s grandson Steven R. McQueen has been on the CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries since the show started back in 2009.  At first he felt like a background character, and I swear, he was like a “red shirt” waiting to happen.  (Red shirt is Star Trek jargon for expendable.)

But as the seasons went on, he slowly became an integral part of the story and last year, it seems, he became a vampire hunter.  And I swear, between seasons, Steven R. McQueen hit the gym every day of the break and bulked up to an impressive visual of a human.

But the other week, we watched a very powerful moment in show when this super vampire sucked him dry and snapped Jeremy Gilbert’s neck.  Jeremy promptly dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.  Wow, a shocker if you ever saw one.  It was subtle and quiet.  There wasn’t even any kind of struggle or fight.

So the question begging to be asked and answered, the same one I’ve received in my inbox a few times myself, is Jeremy dead?  Or “Is Steven R. McQueen leaving The Vampire Diaries?

There are various answers to this question, and I believe I might have the answer, but to answer it or not, either way could be considered a spoiler.  I stepped into that void region known as spoilers to see what I could see.

So I warn you, my dear reader, that Vampire Diaries spoilers could be forthcoming.  If what I’ve seen is accurate.

If I’m right, these could be SPOILER potentials…

In a few articles, it’s noted that Elena snaps and breaks down with the death of her brother.  His death will destroy her.  He was the only connection to humanity she really had left.

Nina Dobrev who plays Elena, says it will really change Elena.

Makes sense.

But we’ve been fooled by “death” before in this and other shows.  And I’ve been fooled by treacherous showrunners and misleading interviews about characters.

A few years back Supernatural‘s showrunner Sera Gamble gave an interview that said they have a great story arc coming up for Jim Beaver (Bobby) in the upcoming seasons.  And then they killed him off within a few months of that sound bite.  Boy did I fall for that one!  After that, they talked about his leaving the show and how he was shocked.  Not more than a month later, his ghost was back.

So I tread lightly when it comes to various pieces of news.

But if this is Jeremy’s send off, it feels short-sighted.  He seemed to be just developing into a bad-ass character and never quite got there.  So having him killed off in mid-journey felt like it could have slighted fans.

Kat Graham (Bonnie) said that a significant death will occur this season.  This sure did seem like it.


I am also taking a step back and thinking to myself, that the word “death” could just mean that moment when Jeremy’s neck is snapped.  I mean egads, how many times did Alaric die? Or Stephan or Damon?  Cripes, everyone seems to have died at one time or another in the series… well, except that Klaus’s brother definitely looked like he died, died.

But will Jeremy do “the gasp” as I call it and come back to life?  I ask that wondering if there’s a hunter’s magic that protects him or if he has one of the hundreds (exaggerating) totems that keeps people from dying?

But what I do know, or see, is that over on IMDb, Steven R. McQueen’s filmography / resume indicates he’s going to be in four more upcoming episodes of Diaries:

  • “Stand by Me” (21 February 2013) – Jeremy Gilbert
  • “Bring It On” (14 March 2013) – Jeremy Gilbert
  • “American Gothic” (28 March 2013) – Jeremy Gilbert
  • “The Originals” (25 April 2013) – Jeremy Gilbert  (This is the spin-off episode for the new show called by the same name)

Are these appearances as a ghost or is he really kicking it?  The dates seem sporadic which has me believing this could be ghostly appearances by McQueen and his character truly is dead.  In which case, I would be incredibly disappointed.  He was coming into his own on the series.  Or maybe he too goes into hiding, like Tyler did.

I see no other upcoming news for roles for Steven in any news pieces or websites or resources I have.  But then again, well, I guess the fact of the matter is that “time will be the telling factor” in this matter.

I hope he’s not dead.  The Vampire Diaries just won’t seem the same without him.

UPDATE 4-7-13:  This article was originally produced on February 20th, 2013… and take not that above I noted that there will be four more appearances by Steven after his death.  (OK, sure, the dates might have been off, but the primary part is that he would be in additional episodes.  TV Line (4-5-13) is saying they got got an exclusive that Jeremy will be returning to the show later this season.  But they surmise an interesting idea or two.  Will it be Silas looking like Jeremy?  Or Bonnie talking to his ghost?  Just saying…

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Mega July 26, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Losing Jeremy Gilbert is so heartbreaking. He is way hotter than Damon and Stefan savtore. I look forward to watching him on DVD and on TV in October. Jeremy Gilbert/ Stephen R. McQueen u are the best vampire hunter after all.

VD Lover April 17, 2013 at 11:16 am


I disagree on all counts. The fact that she’s willing to kill off main characters is something that keeps the show very interesting. The fact that nearly anyone on the show is expendable keeps you on the edge of your seat, because it means everyone is in danger. Sure, it sucks, and sure, you miss those characters, but the show is very good at bringing back dead characters for cameos. Look at Lexie, for example. Also, I seriously doubt that the show is losing fans. VD has been pulling in over 3 and a half million a week since it started, and with DVR views some episodes are only a hairs breath away from pulling in 5. As long as they don’t get too outlandish with it, the show will be fine. Also take into consideration that the characters live in a very dangerous world. People do die, and it would be highly unrealistic for every single beloved character to stay alive through everything.

BruSimm April 2, 2013 at 10:51 am


On that THE VAMPIRE DIARIES spinoff, the episode that will be airing on April 25th will be the backdoor pilot episode introducing the scenario and characters of the spinoff THE ORIGINALS.

Klaus heads to New Orleans, as well as (probably) Elijah. (If the actor, Daniel Gillies, wants the job).


Jana April 2, 2013 at 10:02 am

Elana is not fun as a bad girl. She is much better with Stephan, iknow Damon is her real love in real life but it kinda makes me sick. Jeremy is way to cute for his dull part. Bring him back with a better macho part.
Please let me know if the originals are going to have their own show. They are all awsome.

Robert March 16, 2013 at 3:05 pm

I feel that Juli Plec has gone to far and needs to step down from writing and making decisions. It seems like every year now we have a death of a main character, by the time we get to Season 6 who of the original cast will be around? other than Elana, Stephen and Damon, if Juli stays in charge even Stephen and Damon could be killed off. This was a very bad choice to make, there were other ways for Elana to loose it with out losing Jeremy, His character just started to get interesting and then they take it away. I really hate when shows bring back people in flash backs and dreams, its not real nor is it the same as them being involved with the show and its not in the present and usually its only a quick Cameo appearance. If Juli Plec keeps going down this road she is going to destroy this show They need to fix this and bring him back,
We don’t see his body getting burned in the fire so he could be alive and got out and just left for what ever reason, Juli stop screwing up this show your going to lose the fans that keeps the ratings up there.

Bruce Simmons March 2, 2013 at 9:47 am

I don’t think so Amber… If anything, I suspect it would only be in the role of a ghost. But hey, we can hope, can’t we!?

amber March 2, 2013 at 9:00 am

is he coming back?

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