Is Supernatural’s Castiel Dead or Alive Gang?

by on October 3, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsOver on TV Line they were chatting about Castiel’s (Misha Collins) “event” that took place in last Friday’s episode where he…  (If you saw the episode of Supernatural, you know where I’m going.  If not, I won’t spoil it for you.)

But because of what’s chatted about here, there may be spoilery info following suit!  So tread carefully!

Now previously in May, the news about Misha Collins role on Supernatural   wasn’t going away, but that he would be on the series in a limited capacity.   In fact, back then, the news TV Line had was that he won’t be full-time.

In fact, that article might have been started because of an earlier rumor from a mystery Twitter account that let it fly that Misha Collins was written off of Supernatural.

Misha Collins tweeting again as Misha Collins in SUPERNATURAL on The CW

But now, here’s the latest on Castiel from an interview with showrunner Sera Gamble.

It seems that as far as Gamble is concerned, it’s an ambiguous death.  (Tricky girl, that Sera!)

How she phrased it was that Sam and Dean just experienced the death of their best friend.  But in regards to that death, she said that the Leviathans inside him were too much for his vessel and he was stewed in the water.  She also noted that “These are things we have to be somewhat cagey about.”

She then went on to note how on Supernatural, death is a funny thing, because the show is about life beyond death.

But then they talk about continuing to work with Misha Collins.

So take that any way you want.  My head hurts trying to decipher it all.  It is definitely a serious set of ambiguous answers that spin perspectives that may or may not be “real, set in stone” kind of conjectures.

As far as moving forward, we see that

  • Crowley will now be looking for a new person to align with;
  • War in Heaven storyline is done.
  • We will get to know the Leviathan creatures a bit better.

So it seems that this mystery tweeter from May, who supposedly was buds with Misha Collins manager, may have very well been correct.  The fact that the account first went private and then disappeared seem to lend credence to their rumor way back then.  Misha Collins himself was incredibly vague with his own misdirecting tweets, but he’s hard to read on Twitter.  That is unless you believe him about his blue dresses, bad dinners and ice cream panics.

Misha Collins Twitter AcctTV Line.

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