Is The Warner Bros. Talk About Rebooting ‘Batman’ Too Soon?

by on March 31, 2011

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A Cinema Static opinion piece:

The Batman questions The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT

Here the general movie-goer sits, eagerly awaiting Christopher Nolan‘s third Batman franchise movie, The Dark Knight Rises, which is due out in July of 2012.  While we’re sitting here waiting for another superhero/vigilante masterpiece from the mind of Nolan, we’re catching word that Warner Bros. is looking to keep the Batman franchise/character alive beyond Nolan’s third movie.

It makes sense that they want to capitalize on the business momentum the character has right now.  Plus Warner Bros. is doing this because Christopher Nolan has said that this third chapter of his vision of Batman is going to be his last and they need to plan ahead for the franchise character that’s helped keep the studio afloat.

They’re (WB) talking about a Justice League movie and of course, that will have to include Batman, but just what will Warner Bros. do if/when Christopher Nolan sticks to his word of stopping at this third chapter of the Batman-Nolan world? (I don’t know why some of us didn’t see this coming.)

Initially I didn’t take too kindly to the idea that Nolan was not going to draw other DC hero characters into his world, he’s made it work because he could focus purely on Bruce Wayne dealing with his own personal issues and that challenges that his foes present. He made it work due to his brilliant approach to reinventing some older titles of the franchise onto the screen.

Batman by Erik Von Lehmann on Deviant Art

Batman by Erik Von Lehmann on Deviant Art

But as we wait for this third Nolan-Batman movie, we’re told that WB is looking to carry the character on and has stated that they need to look at reinventing Batman.

Talk about rebooting Batman before the third movie is out seems ludicrous, like along the lines of the Syfy channel rebooting Being Human while the original is still on. It’s confusing and I can only guess that it’s also diluting the marketing focus.  (Yet Syfy has done a great job with their reboot.)

WB has always been pretty tough on other series about DC characters… Smallville, starring Tom Welling, has had a ‘no suit’ rule in place so it wouldn’t dilute the film franchise’s place in the marketing world. Yet they never took advantage of that restriction by making a Zack Snyder directed Superman movie until now. But then the same could be said about Smallville not being able to bring (show) Batman or Wonder Woman into their stories… to keep from diluting the marketing focus and not “confuse the demographic fan base” for those franchises.

But now they’re talking about rebooting Batman before this next one comes out and I have to wonder if this news isn’t going to affect or dilute the fan’s focus?

Nolan has a huge fan base and this talk of reinventing Batman probably won’t slow down those folks, but the new folk out there who live under a rock and have no access to TV or movies may very well get a bit befuddled hearing that WB is looking to reinvent this Batman.

As it stands right now I can guess that many fans out there have absolutely no interest in a new and reinvented Batman. How much farther or better can WB make a new Batman?

Does reinventing the character mean more movies from new movie makers where we get to see yet another origins movie? Gads, these days origins have been done to death and to many movie-goers, it seems a very boring prospect.

From what some folks I’ve chatted suggested, if they have to reinvent Batman, they could see a natural progression where Bruce Wayne gets too old to keep it up and the character is evolved. But if they go the route of Azrael, or Dick Grayson donning the cowl, or where Wayne Industries creates a “Batman Inc.”, or the future version of Batman where the suit is a piece of armor as in Batman Beyond, where or now would that fit into a Justice League movie?


Though I like these ideas, I don’t think they can work because none of the previous incarnations of “the bat” fits into the classic Justice League premise, if indeed, that’s where Warner Bros. is headed.

As time goes on, I’ll be anxious to see how WB handles the translation from Nolan’s Batman to a new or reinvented Batman.  Or if they even do reinvent, or continue on with the stoic loner-like hero we’ve come to enjoy and just capitalize on what Nolan has built. Wouldn’t that be nice? A studio just propagating what’s been built already?

For now, we get to wait for The Dark Knight Rises from Christopher Nolan, and enjoy that project. I’m sure it will be everything we expect.  In the mean time, if you have any thoughts, let ’em rip in the comments section.

As always, Cinema Static will do its best to stay on top of our favored superhero movie updates.


Batman Art from Erik Von Lehmann on Deviant ArtJustice League image [Deviant Art].

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