Is There Hope For A New ‘Jericho?’

by on May 1, 2012

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Could there be a new TV series lined up for JERICHO?

Could someone be taking a new swipe at creating another, new Jericho?  This could be filed under “There is hope yet.” or “Here We Go Again.”

TV Guide is reporting that Netflix has approached CBS with the premise of possibly reviving the series, Jericho!  And word on the street is that CBS is actually considering this possibility.

I think Netflix is visiting this idea because their repeats of the show are reported to still be pretty popular and I get that.  It was a good show, well written and what not.

And this would be one more original series that Netflix can own as they add to their other original series.


Can Netflix pull this off?  This idea, although a very popular one, has a huge number of hurdles to get over before this can become a reality.

A:  Talks have only just begun.  My guess, that first email/letter was sent, so CBS and Netflix have to sit down and see if it’s a doable arrangement… meaning, can Netflix afford the bill CBS would put on them.

B:  Netflix pocket books might be getting thin.  It’s share price has dropped 25% in recent weeks due to investor concern over the number of subscribers the organization has, or doesn’t have, to be more to the point.

C:  Rounding up everyone that was involved with the series originally, when it aired in 2007 and that beleaguered half-attempt of a season in 2008.

Let’s take a quick look:


Stephen Chbosky:  He seems free.

Josh Schaer: he’s free.

Jonathan E. Steinberg: He’s working on the upcoming remake from The CW, of Beauty and the Beast.  If that’s a successful pilot, he’s not free.  But that remains to be seen.

Exec producer Jon Turtletaub has always been the name behind the show, and if it’s going to be Jon taking the helm, he is NOT free.  He has six movies and a TV project on his plate.


Skeet Ulrich: Free

Lennie James: He has a few things under his name, but if Line of Duty doesn’t take off, he’s looking free.

Ashley Scott:  She’s doing a movie here and there and guest one-ups on different TV series… She’s free.

Kenneth Mitchell:  Doing a movie here and there, one-up guest spots in TV projects.  He’s free.

Brad Beyer:  He’s in GCB… and may not be free.


So the primary players are more or less free…  but can the ‘Flix afford this?  That’s the huge question.  That’s the unknown right now…  and would returning cast be too old for fans to appreciate the characters?  That’s a question only you can answer.

Then again, back in February, it’s believed that CBS head honcho, Leslie Moonves was hinting at Jericho when the press heard that he was in talks with Netflix to do a show together.


I’d recommend not holding your breath, but there is hope.  And with Netflix’s ratings showing that the old eps are still popular, there could very well be a new Jericho on the horizon… for subscribers.   [tvguide]

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Bruce Simmons May 1, 2012 at 10:52 am

This is true, but I suspect most long-time fans might want that… even if everyone is… older.

Paul forcey May 1, 2012 at 10:38 am

Does it have to have the same people, the same writers would be a huge plus.

But it would not be the first show to have new actors put into old parts

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