Is This The Last Season of House on Fox?

by on November 8, 2011

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'House' Promo for season 8

To be honest, though I’ve loved House on Fox over the last several years, the show feels like it has become long in the tooth or jumped the shark. Sure, he’s the same, witty, snarky, privacy-invasive super-intelligent doctor that Hugh Laurie has been for some years now. Eight seasons to be exact.

And no matter what they do to try and spice it up, House is just getting old for me. I’m tired of watching House continually invade his staffs’ privacy or work spaces. I’m tired of seeing him get away with things no human would ever get away with in any legal system, never mind the uber-legalized environment of a hospital.

And I’m tired of not seeing him get decked more often by his peers. And I’m tired of Taub letting House run him over repeatedly.

Though I’m not tired of the new girl, who is like a House Jr., Dr. Chi Park (Charlyne Yi). Yes, I think I’ve reached my rope’s end for watching House. It’s the eighth season of the same stuff, with a few different people.

My first clue was last night when I found that COMCAST has also jumped the shark with their VoD service not having the latest three episodes of the show, well, when it didn’t bother me in the slightest, I started pondering. (Is it me, or is anyone else noticing how COMCAST is dropping the ball on their VoD service these last several months? Shows aren’t showing up, then shows from three weeks ago show up, but only ready to expire the next day, etc., etc..)

If you love this stuff of House and never tire of it, I’m jealous. But my ADD doesn’t let me enjoy the same thing over and over and over, for eight years.

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And today, TV Guide has started out an articleabout House on Fox, by asking the question, “Is it lights out for House?”

That question is prompted by executive producer David Shore asking Fox if he needs start planning a season finale of a series finale episode for the series.

Right now, this is Hugh Laurie’s final year of his contract and there’s been no word on his renewing yet. And if he did, would it cost too much for the COMCAST owned NBC? (AKA, like when they immediately dumped Eureka due to costs, despite the fan-love for the show.)

In renewing the show last year, it was pointed out that it was a tough battle to get the show back. And after that bout of the budget, Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly made a statement pointing to the idea that the eighth season would probably be the show’s last.

Despite my drab mood on the show, House is pulling in over 7 million viewers still. Which is a resounding triumph over NBC, at half those numbers, but this is battle for 3rd in the ratings. House still pulled only half of what CBS’s Two and a Half Men did last night and House‘s 7M viewers came nowhere near Dancing with the Stars 18M viewers.

We’ll see what happens! Despite my somber take, do you want to see House continue or are in my boat and helping me paddle back to shore to look for a new ship?



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Kat December 20, 2011 at 2:00 am

[this comment is on all assumption that the series will indeed have its last hoorah this season]

I agree that it is getting tasteless, however I still feel sad that the show is ending. Watching House MD makes me not afraid of medical procedures or the hospital overall. I wonder how would they end the show though. But I feel you are right… as what Kurt said, it’s better to burn out than to fade away. I would definitely miss Hugh Laurie as Greg House! I’ve been with the show since it started, waiting for next week to see the next episode. David Shore did a great job! Congratulations!

Cindy November 21, 2011 at 5:38 pm

Nothing on the show makes any sense anymore. They’ve put an idiot who couldn’t get hired anywhere else in Cuddy’s place and I hate the new girls they have on there now. They should have left the original cast members alone and should have quit screwing with a formula that worked.

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