Is WB Giving Up On DC Comic Book Movies After BvS?

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Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman

WB IS Thinking About Releasing Fewer Comic Book Movies, or at least that’s the rumor right now.

So while Batman v Superman is still clawing its way up the box office ladder, people have raised an eyebrow about Snyder’s visual treatment of the film but it is not failing at the box office. In fact, it’s acting just like many other successful comic book movies have.

Well, the jury is still out but the verdict seems to be in, saying WB definitely has no balls as THR is reporting that the execs at WB are pondering the idea of changing up their schedule of comic book movies that they have on their slate.

WB has been struggling a bit with what they hope to be big money winners, but it’s also been pointed out that they’ve been struggling since the “regime installed in 2013 and headed by chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara” or since “Time Warner chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes ousted Alan Horn as president in 2011.”

Horn went on to Disney, where they’re doing fine… don’t you hate it when personal grudges force business decisions, then the business suffers for it?

So as it stands, Batman V Superman will probably not make the billion that WB was expecting, despite the fact that BvS contained two of the most iconic comic characters in all of time. But these characters are not “the fun ones.” They’re the serious ones. The ones we fantasize about being in our secret lives, where we step in and do damage while kicking the bad guy’s asses.

They do have a few quirky fun characters under the WB umbrella, but as we can see, they f*ed that up when they had the chance with the Green Lantern film.

They also effed up with they let Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman spec script pass through their fingers, and then he went on to make billions for Marvel.

Somewhere, there is a disconnect at WB between the studio, the comic properties and the fans. And even though the rumors say they want to hold out the humor from their films, it’s not a surprise. Batman and Superman are serious characters facing dark threats and global endangerment.

Yet before this BvS debacle, The Dark Knight did fine by them, but then again, they did not have a hit and miss filmmaker. They had Christopher Nolan behind those films, not Zack Snyder. Then again Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Daredevil, two dark characters, are doing quite well over on Netflix. So what is WB missing? Who knows, maybe they are just expecting something different than what their properties will produce.

You have to admit, Snyder puts out some great content, but his creative style may not be the best match with the DC properties, though, as far as I’m concerned, he hit it out of the park with The Watchmen, which pulled a 7.6/10 on IMDb and 65% on Rotten Tomatoes. And to be honest, that Justice League-like film did fine, but it only made $185M worldwide, where as, so far, BvS has only pulled in $784M worldwide… versus The Dark Knight Rises ($1.1B), Age of Ultron ($1.4B) and Iron Man 3 ($1.2B.).

And even though people are making a big bruhaha about how the box office take for BvS declined from week 1 to 2, where it dropped 69%, they leave out the fact that Age of Ultron, The Dark Knight Rises both had ~60% drops from their first to second weekends. Or that over a 10-day gross chart, they all sit near each other on that all-time chart, near and around the #10 spot. OK, Age of Ultron is #5. BvS is 11th.

I think that WB is dancing a dance with professional critics and not looking at what the fans are saying, whereas, on IMDb, fans have given BvS a 7.3/10 and I think as far as the longevity of the film goes, they still have the home entertainment venue to look forward to… with VoD rentals, DVD/Blu-ray purchases and the like.

To be honest Paramount and Michael Bay could give a shit about what the professional critics have to say while each of the Transformers films make around a billion each. AND on IMDb, Age of Extinction got a 5.7/10 and RT, 18%!!!

What a disconnect!!! Making billions while people “claim” to knock it.

So while BvS is still clawing its way up the box office ladder, and people have raised an eyebrow about Snyder’s visual treatment of the film, it is not failing. In fact, it’s acting just like other successful comic book movies. The only difference is that these WB films have more dramatic-based characters than fun Marvel characters and it is obvious that people want more fun. And WB is now scrambling to make Suicide Squad more fun with last-minute reshoots. (Talk about knee-jerk! I bet the reshoots will stick out and not gel… but I could be wrong.)

The film has done what it was supposed to do. Snyder pulled in three iconic characters or stories, Doomsday, Lex Luthor, and the fight between Bruce and Clark, and slopped them all into a visually stunning experience, including a few dream sequences that did not necessarily need to be there.

And he’s entrenched in the WB world unless he really screws up another film for them.

Fans got that they got and it is what it is.

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Batman v Superman Review

What did I think of BvS? I’ve seen it twice. I am a little excited about the differently rated home-video release of the DVD where we’ll have a hard R rating on it. (Or that’s a gimmick and I need to be patient before jumping on THAT band wagon.)

Critics said BvS jumped around too much with meaningless plot points. Which, if you are not a franchise fan, would seem true. But as a franchise fan of both characters and the story this was based loosely off of, the film made perfect sense, period.

BvS was a fun experience for the fan, despite the long, long, slow lead-in of acts one and two. But acts one and two made sense to the fan.

Teeny, tiny spoilers, but it won’t ruin your experience when you finally see the movie –

Here’s a great example of how the film(s) might seem like they’re jumping around, when to fans, they aren’t:

Judging solely by only the two films of where Superman and Lois Lane exist, BvS and Man of Steel, how in the bloody hell did they hook up? When did that relationship actually develop on film?

See what I mean? It seems the film was made with fans in mind and left a lot of explanatory material on the cutting floor for the favor of visually stunning moments and odd dream sequences that were pitched to movie-goers in the trailers.

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So while WB is reportedly reacting to bad reviews and rumors are saying they’re revamping their plans on all their DC comic films, I think everyone needs to be patient to see where they stall and fail the fan and where they push on. To see where they look inward and try to figure out what the bloody hell went wrong with their expectations versus the reality of the film(s) and see if they could possibly revamp the leadership of their business in the attempts to improve upon what they think is a hit and not. AKA, WTH was Jupiter Ascending? ($184M, worldwide.) But then they got lucky when they put out Jurassic World. ($1.7B worldwide, where the same old story of dinosaurs running amuck got a 71% on RT. Tell me that isn’t a contradiction of critics perspectives when that same group trashes on BvS with a 29%, putting it on par with Jupiter Ascending. Was it really?)

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