It’s Official, ‘The Walking Dead’ Is A Part of Our Culture

by on April 4, 2013

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'The Walking Dead' Monopoly Game

The Walking Dead, the comic franchise from Robert Kirkman, did well as a comic title and as a TV show, has viewers mesmerized with it’s in-depth stories between a group of survivors during a zombie apocalypse or plague.

The show on AMC started out by breaking Cable TV ratings, and then as it continued, started to just break records for TV in general.  The third season finale which recently aired around the time of this article, pulled in 12 million viewers.

So sure, it’s a part of our entertainment world and culture as it stands.  But now, it’s completely official.

The Walking Dead is going to be a part of our culture for all time to come because not only is it a comic book and TV series that will sit on shelves and swap hands through the years, but now, you can play the game.

Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition and Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition will be available, starting in September, through Diamond Comic Distributors.

That’s right folks, now you can buy up trains with zombies or take over what’s left of the world, in Risk.

In Monopoly, you will secure zombie-infested regions.  Instead of hotels and houses, you’ll be building fortifications.  In Risk, the map will be of the southeast United States.

That sounds like sweet, undead music to me!

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