J.J. Abrams Interview Alert & Star Trek Movie Easter Eggs Updated w Vid [Cinema Static]

by on November 21, 2009

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Tonight (Monday, November 16, 2009) on G4’s Attack of the Show, they will be interviewing J.J. Abrams about his Star Trek DVD and query him about the next Star Trek movie.

Of note, Abrams talks about

# Blu-Ray extras and his favorite deleted scene
# What fans can look forward to in the next film


Speaking of Star Trek, have you seen the newest (For me at least) Easter Egg news from the Star Trek movie?

“During the Drill Machine sequence as the Enterprise comes out of its barrel role amidst destruction of the other Federation ships above Vulcan, we cut to an interior Enterprise bridge over the shoulder of Kirk that is looking out through the front viewscreen. In space, R2-D2 is floating in the debris from about the top middle of the screen to the bottom right.”

Easter Egg source: Star Trek movie Facebook page

For a massive list of Star Trek movie Easter Eggs, check out the TrekMovie site.

UPDATED 11/21/09

Here’s the interview:

Video Games – E3 2010 – Movies and TV

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