J. Michael Straczynski News, Forbidden Planet Update

by on January 6, 2010

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J. Michael Straczynksi is a busy guy.  He has a lot of paddles in the water and the boat is hauling a**!  Here’s what’s up with JMS:

He’s working on the Shattered Union, Lensman projects right now.  He’s finishing up scripts for The Twelve and Midnight Nation.  With Midnight Nation, he says one of the biggest producers in town wants him to direct it.

Next March or April he’ll have some news about The Flickering Light while They Marched Into Sunlight is on hold until they find a new director.

In regards to the unnamed Fox pilot, he’s turned in the final draft of the script and things “appear” good.

Forbidden Planet ID Monster

FINALLY:  JMS has turned in the next draft for Forbidden Planet.  (Oh yea… I’m drooling waiting for that one, big time!)

source: JMS News

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