J. Michael Straczynski on Babylon 5, Forbidden Planet and Others

by on February 28, 2010

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The latest bit on J. Michael Straczynski and any new Babylon 5 project indicates that despite offerings to do a direct-to-DVD project, he’s standing tall for doing it properly and he’s indicated that Warner Bros has actually gone so far as to ask how much he thinks he’ll need. That doesn’t promise much, but it’s something.

The Mystery Pilot & Science Fiction on TV

His unnamed pilot that he was pitching to Fox Networks wasn’t picked up. JMS says that we’re seeing some of the best television we’ve seen in a long time, though some of the best shows are on cable itself, being that network TV has a lot of restrictions.

Yet science fiction is still facing an uphill battle with the general viewer. He’d love to see a science fiction program approached with the same focus that networks put into their dramas, but he doubts that will happen.

Upcoming JMS Projects

As we all know, (I presume) his screenwriting career has generated some momentum. J. Michael Straczynski did the rewrite for the Wachowskis’ Ninja Assassin. He’s written 2 originals: Flickering Light and Proving Ground. But MGM just ponied up for Proving Ground, a science fiction project set in the present. Flickering Light is a WW2 tale based on a true story and JMS may be directing it himself. If all goes well, they’ll start shooting in early 2011.

Add that to his Forbidden Planet and Lensman projects and we have some neat things to look forward to.

With Forbidden Planet, he ditched his first version because some folk leaked it onto the internet but he’s pretty jazzed about this newer version. (He was pretty ticked about the leak.)

JMS is now working on adapting Shattered Union for a film and working on World War Z and Silver Surfer, if these projects ever see the light of a projector.

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