James S.A. Corey’s ‘Abaddon’s Gate’ Review

by on January 15, 2014

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Abaddon's Gate review

Abaddon’s Gate by “James S.A. Corey” is the third book in The Expanse series, (Leviathon Wakes, Caliban’s War) which seems to end the story of the alien entity or artifact first discovered in Leviathon Wakes, then ripped its way through Caliban’s War by living under the clouds of Venus doing, god knows what, and then, settled in here, in Abaddon’s Gate, where it took up a position in the orbit of Uranus, putting a weird but massive gate there, a gate that leads to an odd, dark starless void. WTF???

But it wasn’t all about the alien. It was only part of the story. The human factor underneath it all involves Jim Holden, from the start where we met him when he was an XO on an ice mining ship, him and that detective, Detective Miller.

Back then Holden and Miller were forced to work together. But in the end, Miller had a bad outcome early on. Yet by courtesy of the alien artifact, or a function of it, Miller lived on in the form of a ghostly conversationalist in Holden’s head.

And Holden develops a reputation throughout the known galaxy. He was instrumental in resolving a few issues, and his reputation of “calling it how he sees it” is one of his feared “skills.”

In Abaddon’s Gate, we have a vengeful daughter whose only mission is to set up Holden and kill him and his small crew for putting her father in prison for acts and deeds done in the first book. We have events taking place in and around the “gate” itself, and we have humanity rushing out and doing what humans do best, and that’s screw things up and piss off the all-powerful, physics defying alien artifact.

For me, the book started out a bit slow, but that was just the opening act, developing out the various characters and settings. As the second act picks up some steam, the momentum of the story picks up and s*! starts to hit the fan! (That means it’s becoming a good read for the book holder!). This “daughter,” is something. She’s a crazy wild card that is only part of several pieces of this story. Each piece of this story is pretty heavy in and of itself, but all of the pieces make up a pretty good story.

I enjoy their writing style. It’s smooth and thorough, and as they tackle the world of Earth in space politics, they make it easy enough to digest. Which for me, is a saying something!

If you haven’t picked up the first two books of The Expanse series, I think you could pick up here and learn enough about the series to enjoy it. BUT I do recommend the entire series. It’s a great read, well developed and having experienced the entire series is more worth it than just reading this single book. Hey, I just saw they have a fourth book out there! (I just pre-ordered it!)

FYI: James S.A. Corey is the pen name of fantasy authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.

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