Jennifer Morrison IS Returning for ‘House’ Finale

by on April 26, 2012

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HOUSE: Chase (Jesse Spencer, L) is forced to revisit his relationship with Cameron (Jennifer Morrison, R) in the HOUSE episode

In a piece of great news, TV Line is reporting that Jennifer Morrison is returning to the set of House for their series finale.

The last I had heard, there was no news and I was wondering if her odd exit pattern a few years ago might have impacted her ability to return to the show for one more moment before the series calls it a night.

Back in Nov of ’09, even she was puzzled about why Cameron was written out, and yet her contract was kept active through the end of the season. But since she didn’t toss out any negative publicity with any venting, no sour grapes were left behind.

TV Line reports that ABC gave her the green light to be able to do this cameo (that has already been filmed.)

The series finale episode of House is titled “Everybody Dies.” And I have to say, it has folks in an uproar about what could possibly happen… but I think it’s just a descriptor of an attitude. Much like when the series premiered, and that episode was titled “Everybody Lies.” And as we’ve all learned, that’s an opinion from the main man himself, Dr. Gregory House, MD.

So I’m thinking it’s possible we may see a death but I’m more leaning towards this being another attitude from House.

We’ll see when the series finale of House airs on May 21st, 2012!

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