Jennifer’s Body Isn’t Horrid, But Don’t Drop Big Bucks On It

by on September 10, 2010

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Up until I’ve seen Jennifer’s Body, starring Megan Fox, (which is a misnomer) I understood it to be a very bad movie.  It came up on my HBO ‘On Demand’ so I pulled it up and watched it.  Along with Fox, it also stars Amanda Seyfried (Letters to Juliet, Chloe), Johnny Simmons (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Spirit), J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man franchise movies, Extract) & Adam Brody (Cop Out, The Romantics).  The movie is written by Diablo Cody (Juno).

Despite Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox, the meat behind the story is really about Needy (played by Amanda Seyfried) and her relationship with her BFF, Jennifer (Fox).  That was the spark  of my wanting to write this movie review.  The star in this flick was Seyfried and she made the movie for me and Megan Fox as the supporting actress/evil demon monster was a well played mix in this quirky movie.

What happens is a desperate rock band needs success and decide to take the low road and sacrifice themselves a virgin to the devil, but Jennifer had not been a virgin since Jr. high and the side affect of sacrificing a non-virgin turns the sacrificee into a demon possessed host.

The rest, is history.

JENNIFERS BODY with Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried

The film…  movie treads on a fine line of daring sexuality that won’t fly with any kind of family viewing.  They cover Jennifer losing her virginity, embrace some nice clean teen sex , super close-up lesbian kissing with Fox and Seyfried and such.  Through it all, despite the daring subject material at times, there was no nudity from Fox.

It’s a slow paced movie laced with engaging dialog, quirky dry humor at times with some violence, minimal gore and surprisingly, not too many death scenes.  When we first see Fox in her new life-style of being demon possessed, it’s a pretty creepy scene.

JENNIFERS BODY with Amanda Seyfried

If anything, the movie introduced me to Amanda Seyfried.  She made the movie as far as I’m concerned as she narrates her experience through this ordeal.

Quirky humor?  Sure… Fox gets stabbed by a pole and she asks her BFF is she has a tampon.  “I thought I’d ask.”  Delivered in a dead-pan, semi-expectant demon Fox.

I would suggest to never pay the premium full price for any DVD / Blu-ray for the movie, but a bargain bin find and a dull day where there’s nothing on TV or your plate of things to do might make this movie the perfect filler for the that moment.

Maybe it’s because I came into Jennifer’s Body expecting the worse, and such, I didn’t hate it but it’s not too horrible.  It’s just a good time filler that actually raked in over $32M Worldwide at the box office, making twice the estimated budget that was spent on making the movie.

On a scale of 1 to 10, it isn’t bad!  LOL.  Plus, on the bright side, because it was featured in the movie, I found out about a cool thing called Devil’s Kettle.

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