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by on March 9, 2012

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John Carter movie review from Cinema Static on Brusimm:

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John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins & Mark Strong in the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs tale of a human who is transported to Mars and finds himself in the middle of local skirmishes amongst the aliens who live on Mars, or, as they like to call it, Barsoom.

John Carter is directed by Andrew Stanton and the movie runs a touch over two hours.

The movie opens telling us about a bit of history of the civil wars on Mars and then we segue to Earth in the 1800’s, and follow John Carter’s (Kitsch) earthly adventures just before he heads off to Mars.

Once Carter ends up on Mars, he finds himself bouncing around between all the groups of aliens that either want him or hate him.

Right up front, the movie does not suck and I suspect that fans of the franchise might like this interpretation of the character and his story.

Everyone brought their characters to the screen in a decent fashion and fans of eye candy, either gender, will be pleased.  Kitsch brings his six-pack to screen and Collins brings her wonderful alluring presence.


I haven’t read the books but I can only think that Collins was bringing different characters to the screen that might not have been the princess’s character.  At times she seemed to range from a princess in charge to snarky to unsure of herself.  She was all over the board.  Though her visual presence was something to behold at times.

The humor in the film was present, but not overdone… in fact, it was a bit sparse but well timed when it did show up.

Otherwise, the movie was steady and fun at times and it actually had a few emotionally charged moments for me… if you can believe that.  And we see, through it all, how this man who fights for no one, comes to fight for a worthy cause.

I don’t think you would be wasting your time or money seeing John Carter but I’m not sure it will completely impress you.

When John Carter comes to the home entertainment venue for rental or purchase, I think then it will be a home run.

What are your thoughts?

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