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by on November 20, 2009

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Found an interesting plea to Universal Pictures to let Joss Whedon’s Goners be set free into the wild so it can be made into a movie!

Right now Universal is hoarding the rights to the movie and they’re sitting on it… that’s the cliff notes version to the deal.

Go check out the site where they give you contact info for Universal…

Here’s the section on contacting Universal:

Universal Pictures Contact Form

In a recent interview, Joss Whedon asked Universal to “release Goners into the wild so it can be free again”.

Since several years of rewrites led only to the project being put on the back burner, I respectfully urge you to do as he asks, so that the film can move forward.

As part of his fan base, I defer to whatever his wishes might be on just how that should happen. My own wish simply is to express my support for his request.

Please free Goners.

Universal Pictures Twitter Account

Dear @UniversalPics: Please release Joss Whedon’s Goners into the wild so it can be free again. #freegoners

As Joss signs it off says, “Universal, release Goners into the wild so it can be free again.” It was signed September 14th, 2009.

So let’s get this show on the road!!!

source: FreeGoners

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