Joss Whedon’s Wastelanders – His Next New Web Series with Warren Ellis

by on November 7, 2012

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Joss Whedon working on new web series, WASTELANDERS

At one point in time just before The Avengers gig, there was note of a project coming from Joss Whedon titled Wastelanders.  It was a planned free web series.  And from what I can tell, it’s presently in development and coming along just fine.

I don’t know about you, but just around the time that Joss Whedon was announced as the director for The Avengers (do you remember the nay-sayers back then?), Joss had a few “pokers in the fire,” so to speak.  He was dabbling with putting together his Much Ado About Nothing project with his own production company and this other thing that he was pulling together with Warren Ellis called Wastelanders.

And this  is the project that Joss Whedon is planning on returning to the web with.  He had fun with Dr. Horrible, and plans on making this one a totally free release.

As far as Wastelanders is concerned, Whedon is teaming up with Warren Ellis and that seems to be an awesome pairing of dry, nasty wit.  In one early announcement, Ellis was talking about how he and Joss were talking about Joss deciding to take that Marvel directorial gig.

Ellis also noted that no good deed goes unpunished, as their collaborative effort start date got squashed as Joss found himself caught up in his new directorial gig.

But Warren told Joss to email him, “Once you get on the other side of The Avengers.“  (Ellis also predicted that Marvel’s The Avengers is going to be really f*ing good.  and that Joss would be able to “print his own money” after this film.  Hmm, pretty good insight!)

He also referred to the (planned five-part) web series, as a funny horrible end-of-the-world story.  (What else would it be, from these guys?)

In case you’re wondering about who Warren Ellis might be:

The movie RED (w Bruce Willis), was based off a graphic novel by Ellis.  He has an upcoming Legendary Pictures project based on his graphic novel, Gavel.  And had his next upcoming novel, Gun Machine, is due out in January 2013.  (Which could later see the light of day as a TV series from Chernin Entertainment and FOX.)

So yea… he seems to have his awesome on.

And from what my resources have shown, Warren was mad at work with Joss back in July and August of 2012 on this project.  And if initial estimates of a 2 or 3 month shoot were correct… well…

I guess Joss emailed him!

Joss called this new web series of his a story about people who save the world but end up not being happy about it.  And that this new project has rough edges that might put off some of his loyal fans.

But he’s also been noted in calling this the next thing he wants to say.  And I think true believers of Whedon’s work will end up being fine with this newest project.  We survived Dollhouse and in the end, it all came together just fine.

And I can’t wait to see who gets (was) pulled into the project.  Joss loves tapping some of his favorite go-to cast, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Nathan Fillion, Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Clark Gregg, Fran Kranz, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day or any number of folks Joss has worked with.  These names are all just conjecture at the moment.  Heck, I’d love to even see Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau or Adam Baldwin in this bad boy.  It’s not improbable!

If we’re looking at an end of the world kind of story, I’d go with Fillion, Kranz, Tudyk, Acker, Glau and Baldwin.  Any takers on this bet?

Other things on Whedon’s plate is The Avengers 2 (Writer/director) & In Your Eyes (Writer, exec producer) [in post production].

If you’re curious, In Your Eyes stars Zoe Kazan, Nikki Reed, Jennifer Grey, Steve Howey in a story about “Two seemingly polar opposites are deeply connected in ways neither could have ever imagined.“  (It’s a metaphysical piece.)

I can’t wait for Wastelanders from the warped minds of Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis to hit the internet.  If they’ve been working on it since July, what do you think.  It might be a Christmas present to the masses?

We can hope.  He’s good at keeping secrets about things, so we’ll see what’s up, but I do expect some form of official news sometime soon.

For now, until there’s headline news, I thought I’d wake up the beast and remind everyone (you know who you are) about it.  I mean hey, my content scrapers need new material… and this is good stuff!  Right?

[Warren Ellis]

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