Kardashian Twitter Lawsuit & Stupid Huge Tweet Fees

by on January 7, 2010

in Entertainment

Kim Kardashian is being sued for statements she made on Twitter about some sort of diet cookies.

That was going to be the impetus of my original article. That is until I found that she gets paid $10k a tweet.

What in gods name is that? That kind of money makes her simple Twitter account an incredibly valuable commodity.

Which then tells me that I need to look to Twitter with more of a jilted eye when I see some of my favored actors tweeting.

Of course, the tweets are obvious… did you see my carlsjr commercial, etc., etc..

The other moral we need to take from this is that we need to be careful of the words we choose, whether it be our own blog, Twitter account, Facebook or any number of other social networks!

sources: Examiner, THR Esq.

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