Keeping Valuables As Safe as Possible in Hotels [Consumer]

by on August 8, 2010

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Personal Security When Traveling: When you travel and stay in hotels, you might want to keep in mind that hotel rooms and their conference facilities often are not always the safest places to leave your unattended high-value items. Keep in mind that hotel staff have access to hotel keys. I’m not meaning to disparage on the individuals, but if you do not know an individual, do you trust them. I don’t, but that’s just my nature. I like playing it safe, especially with my expensive belongings.

When traveling, if you have something with you that is of great importance you might consider the safes that various hotels offer to their guests.

Keep in mind that hotels post notices about their “limited liability for lost items” for a reason. Hotels usually offer safe deposit boxes for guests, usually free of charge. Remember, if you ever experience the loss of an item, you should immediately report the loss or theft to the hotel’s security staff and file a report with the local police department.

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