Kevin Feige Chats About IRON MAN 3 and The Premise Behind It

by on May 29, 2012

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IRON MAN 3 movie news

Kevin Feige was chatting about the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie with EmpireOnline and he touched on a few interesting points about the movie itself, characters that folks are curious about, like The Hulk, and other bits. Indeed, an interesting tidbit to say the least.

First up, Feige says that the upcoming adventures of Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 is written to seperate the man from The Avengers, or as it is put, he wants to isolate the character back to his original mindset. Back to the ingenuity that was forced to happen back in the first half of the cave time in the first half of Iron Man. In other words, depend back on himself.

This means he’s not calling for help from anyone he knows. And to be honest, I didn’t expect any less. I’ve been looking at all the different movies exactly as the titles have been handled in the comics.

Under the Iron Man title he dealt with his own issues and we rarely saw any outside assistance. Then under The Avengers title, we watched his interaction with a group, drawing from his own experiences under his own title but added to the chemistry of the situation.

So yep, I fully expected the next shellhead movie to be Tony, standing on his own two feet, in his own realm once again.

As far as the Iron Man: Extremis story line goes, I never questioned director Shane Black‘s approach. Through the years directors have tweaked up basic story premises to meet specific movie platform needs. Sometimes it’s done well, sometimes, not so well.

Though I have to say, if they step up and have a resolution similar to how the Extremis story line actually ends, that will be a shocking ending, to say the least.

Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo in 'The Avengers'

And not to scare you all, but this third movie is the last contractually obligated Iron Man movie with Robert Downey Jr.. Whether more movies are made with him in it will be an interesting perspective that will be spun up when the time comes. Sites will go crazy with their conjecture and guesses, drumming up business, but the end-game will be the telling fact.

He’s obviously become a huge commodity since donning the red and gold armor of Iron Man and he’s played the role perfectly. To be honest, I’m not sure who else could pull it off as well, not to mention maybe continue the character without fans being demoralized.

Will Downey Jr. drive a hard bargain and price himself out of the role or just take a moderate pay increase and keep the fans happy? It truly is up to the actor to recognize their worth and negotiate intelligently.

An actor’s career is a balancing act of these kinds of proportions and it’s crazy. Do you ask for a ton more money, or keep going, gaining more and more recognition from fans for your other projects as you portray this wildly popular Marvel comics property?

And one other aspect that I’m very interested in is the “new” Hulk, or what new revelations that Joss Whedon put out there concerning Bruce Banner’s relationship with The Hulk… which was totally amazing to say the least, and puts new light on the character’s opportunities in future movies.

Kevin Feige says we won’t be seeing The Hulk in Iron Man 3 but that we will be seeing the big green guy somewhere down the road because “so many new avenues have opened up.” That’s not surprising in the least, considering what Whedon did with the character in The Avengers.

In other interviews, Feige noted that Thanos will not be the major villain in Thor 2 and that his movie-making team will be introducing a new character in an upcoming 2014 movie.

Feige did not mention a name, but the hopeful speculation for that 2014 movie is that it will be Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man. Though, despite the clamor I see online, I’m not sure how this character will translate into a popular stand-alone movie. To be honest, it could be anyone, from Doctor Strange to Ms. Marvel.

We’ll see.

For now, just know that Iron Man 3 opens in theaters May of 2013, Thor 2 in November 2013.


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