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by on June 1, 2011

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The Quick Of It:

Despite Knuckle Draggers having a plot that we’ve seen before, the movie still hits the viewer with the feeling of being something we can relate to and still be compelling.   Throughout the movie, each character grows in their own way and in the end, I enjoyed the story this movie brought to screen.

If you know me, you know I like my dose of carnage in my movies, so I was surprised when I found Knuckle Draggers entertaining throughout.  (Of course tackling relationships head-on can sometimes feel like carnage!)


In the 2009 indie movie, Knuckle Draggers, we look at a relationship from the point of view of a “real man.”

Ethan, played by Ross McCall (Band of Brothers, Crash), gets dumped unceremoniously by his fiancee.  His brother Kyle, played by Paul J. Alessi (Also the producer), steps up to help Ethan quit being so polite in some aspects of his life and to “man up” in the world of dating.  If you’re a Tom Leykis fan, you’ll be right in tune with Kyle’s approach to dating and what he says makes a relationship work.  At one point, Ethan sees something in his ex that makes everything Kyle has been saying, make sense.  He has one of those revelations that I think all men do at one time or another.

Throughout the movie we observe how Kyle’s perspectives affect the rest of their small knit group.  That group including Actress and co-producer, Amie Barsky (The Amazing Race), Omar Gooding (Playmakers, and Jerry Bruckheimer’s Miami Trauma), Justin Baldoni (Everwood, The Bold and the Beautiful) and Danielle Nicolet (Heartland, The Starter Wife & the upcoming TV movie, Red Faction: Origins on Syfy).

Through the course of the movie, Kyle’s views that he tries to instill on his brother Ethan, has an interesting affect on the rest of the group and we find ourselves following not only Ethan’s experience, but the personal journeys everyone inadvertently embarks on.

Though this genre might not be for everyone, I found Knuckle Draggers to be a fun movie and I think others will find that the end-message a little bit different than you expect.  Overall, it’s a great movie experience.  Of note is how the movie closes on the same scene it opens up to, and yet the irony of it all ends up making perfect sense.

Knuckle Draggers is written and directed by Alex Ranarivelo, produced by Paul J. Alessi, and co-produced by Amie Barsky, Baptiste DeRivel, and Lamese Williams.

If you ever see this movie pop up in an option to watch and this is your kind of movie, I’d recommend it.

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Knuckle Draggers cast: Ross McCall, Paul J. Alessi, Amie Barsky, Omar Gooding, Justin Baldoni,  and Danielle Nicolet

(Cinema Static Footnote:  After rewatching this 2009 movie recently, I had to share!)

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