KURGO Car Door Guards Review

by on January 11, 2017

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Kurgo Door Guard Product ReviewA little over a year ago I bought some Kurgo Pet Door Guards for my truck and they worked wonderfully. You slip the plastic tabs down between the window and the guide foam, and presto, your dogs were no longer able to scratch up your vehicle door interior.

Now if there’s one thing to be said about Kurgo, they stand behind their product.

After about a year’s use, one of my door guards had tabs that were starting to crack and break. When I contacted Kurgo about this, they sent me replacements promptly, just as their implied warranty suggests.

As much as I appreciate the expedient service, these newer door guards had thinner, shorter window tabs. In what I presume to be some form of cost-saving measure turned out to be bad. Very bad.

Turns out that I no longer need the dogs to paw at the door guard to pull it down. The shorter tabs tend to flex and bend on their own from the weight of the material and they get pulled out of the window slot by the sheer weight of the door guard itself, making them what I have now been calling a “One time hit” guard.

Meaning if they don’t fall off the door by themselves, it would only take one instance of my happy dog putting her feet on the door to pull it down, considering it was half-way there to begin with, all by itself.

To be honest, I hate writing this piece because it’s a good company that willingly stands behind their products, but I just can’t let this issue with their redesigned door guard tabs get by. People, consumers like you, need to know. The very moment I see that they have beefed those tabs back up is the very moment I buy more of them, because it is a great product, aside from this one present-day flaw.

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