Lab Beagles Freed, Sad But Wonderful Video

by on December 2, 2011

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Thoughts on Brusimm logo - Opinion on News and Current EventsDid you know that beagles are one of the desired lab test animals because they’re obedient, adaptable so they are able to live their entire lives in cages and they’re cheap to feed?

Yea…  it’s a horrible fact and I’m not sure how researchers can live with themselves in dealing with lab animals to experiment on.

Sure, some people think animals are just animals.  I also don’t hold that heinous perspective.  Animals have souls and personalities.  Whatever goes on in their heads isn’t very different from us.  It’s just on a slightly different scale than ours, something we don’t understand.

The article that was pointed out to me from a reader and it has a wonderfully happy ending for these select beagles that were rescued.

The animals were rescued by ARME (Animal Rescue Media Education).

The footage below (after the break) shows some rescued beagles seeing sunlight and stepping on grass for the first time in their lives.

Beagle Freedom Project’s website

Time News Feed

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