LAST MAN ON EARTH Season Finale And Thoughts

by on May 7, 2015

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Will Forte in The Last Man on Earth review

The Last Man on Earth was about a guy (LIGHT SPOILERS ahead) that thought he was the last human alive after some disease ravaged the world. But as we learned throughout the season, he was NOT the last man or human on Earth. But in his travels, he left signs all around that he was going to Tuscon, AZ. And that made Tuscon the go-to place for any survivors.

But what we learned about the man and the people who surround him, is that there is an even keel of characters throughout the cast, from bookworm to hot, to sleazy and slovenly.

As time went on in the series, we learned what kind of man Phil Miller (Will Forte) was.

  • A serious slob who uses the pool out back to take a dump and throw his trash.
  • The kind of man who will dump what he has in front of him in, the moment he sees something better.
  • The kind of man that talks to sports balls with faces he drew on them.
  • The kind of man who will try to pull a stunt and get caught, and suddenly say it was all just a joke.

In other words, we’ve been focused on this infantile character who never truly developed beyond Jr. High… at best.

Fox Renewed The Last Man on Earth for a second season… I’m not sure why unless it was that “the only thing on TV to watch” syndrome, because even though the show did not totally suck, and through the season, kept adding hot cast members to the story, it was getting old watching a grown man with infantile, Jr. high behavioral problems.

But that’s just me.

Then again it was stuffed in the animated line up on Sundays, which might have made it look just fine.

When the show premiered, it started out with almost six million curious viewers, with 2.4 being in the 18-49 advertising target demographic. Will Forte wrote the premiere, but since then, they’ve had a slew of different writers pen the subsequent scripts. By the end of the season the viewership dropped to about half that, with the season finale pulling in 3.5 million viewers, 1.4 of them being in the 18-49 range.

To be honest, FOX may have renewed the show prematurely. Unless this is the live-action version of Home Simpson… which could almost pass for that. And as we have all seen, even if a network says they’ve renewed a show, they have the auspices to pull the plug on their decision, quoting various creative or advertising issues or what have you.

As it stands, it was not a horrible show. It does not have a laugh track in it which is an instant plus in my book. But when there is nothing on TV or you have run out of things to watch from your DVR or just want to clean out some of the content on your DVR, it is a great filler entertainment.

Ratings info via TV Series Finale. Opinions via my brain!

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