Latest Trailers for ‘Expendables 2’ & ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

by on May 8, 2012

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In the latest movie trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man and Expendables 2 movies that are coming out this summer, we get to see some more in-depth web slinging and more teaser snippets of The Lizard, as well as, lots of EXPLOSIONS!

'The Amazing Spider-Man' movie starring Andrew Garfield

The Amazing Spider-Man is due out on July 3, 2012 and stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.  The movie is directed by Marc Webb, the director responsible for such smash action movies as…  um…  (500) Days of Summer and…  well, the trailer looks pretty cool!  And they’re taking a great new approach, pulling in old franchise material and mixing it with something new as Peter Parker (Garfield) pursues a mystery surrounding his parents.

As far as Webb is concerned, I’m thinking Marvel wouldn’t snag the guy if they didn’t think he could pull it off.  (Like when they hired  Joss Whedon to direct some “off-brand” group movie that recently made a quiet intro into the box office!)  Check out the trailer… it looked pretty awesome in my 3D screening of The Avengers!

Looks cool, huh?  “Oh no! You found my weakness!“  LOL

I am looking forward to seeing this new rehash of the Spider-Man franchise.

The Expendables 2 is the next chapter in the explosive (literally) film franchise that’s all fun, all popcorn kind of movie… loaded with action stars, both new and, um, old… this promises to revitalize some blood pressures this summer.  The movie is due out August 17th, 2012 and stars Liam Hemsworth, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Charisma Carpenter, Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, & Terry Crews.




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