Law and Order Los Angeles Dumping Actors; Ulrich Fans Brace Yourselves

by on January 11, 2011

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Law & Order: Los Angeles

I remember when Law & Order was pulled before setting a TV record and that it seemed it was killed off in favor of a new spin-off, Law & Order: Los Angeles. But when I tuned into the premiere of Law & Order: Los Angeles, it was weird to see how they were making a huge deal about the Hollywood aspect of the Los Angeles region. It wasn’t very real, it was too glitzy, too weird. I haven’t tuned in since, even though I’ve been accused of being a Skeet Ulrich fan.

Skeet Ulrich in Law & Order Los Angeles

Now the latest news coming from the production of LOLA is that some cast have departed the show… Regina Hall, Megan Boone and Skeep Ulrich.

I can’t tell if it is a mass exodus or studio-backed reorganization but for the Skeet Ulrich fan this is yet another sad moment in the appreciation of the man’s work.

We’ll manage until his next show, but dang, this is a disappointment!


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Fiona June 7, 2016 at 10:24 am

Not basically the article I am looking for, but summing it up.. this is a good one!

Janet Murphy April 11, 2011 at 8:11 pm

TV shows need to have characters that viewers are drawn to and want to tune in to watch each week. Rachel Ticotin is the only familiar face from movies and TV and is a great actress. Alfred Molina has been in movies that make him familiar to a limited audience. To have killed off the only really cute guy was a huge
mistake. Unless he has had a better offer elsewhere, which would be perfectly understandable in view of the shaky future of LOLA. This from a 58 year old woman who loves to watch TV. And I do have a life with 2 kids and a husband. And after the performance that Terrence Howard’s character gave on
SVU last week, he is a major creep. Anyone with any sense knows that his lawyer character would have been in New York within weeks of his cousin’s arrest to try and prove the innocense of his cousin instead of arriving just prior
to the trial making Casey’s every move look suspect and incompetent. And if that is the way the character is played, he’s an [expletive edited out!] and want be a draw for my time.

James March 15, 2011 at 1:02 pm

Chris, I cannot disagree with you more on your “trainwreck” comment. I watch this show each Saturday night as I am a 20-year “Law & Order” fan. I have enjoyed all the L&O’s but “L&O: Trial by Jury” which did not have a chance. I feel “Law & Order: L.A.” is a good series. I enjoy Terrence Howard’s role as Jonah Dekker because he is imaginative, quick on his feet and mind, and stops short of trying to be Sam Waterston’s character of Jack McCoy. But, like you, I like and appreciate Skeet Ulrich’s character of Det. Winters who is just short of being too low-key Joe Friday or hot head Mike Logan (Chris Noth’s character). There will be a difference without Ulrich who was introduced during “L&O: Special Victims Unit”. Winters’ character has the right temperament alongside his partner, has enough “game” (without being a pretty boy) to attract the hot babes they encounter, has the seriousness in his role, fits the L.A. backdrop and wears good suits. Plus, Winters is not an “on-the-ropes” bum with a dumpy apartment and three divorces to his credit. I’ll miss Ulrich but I’ll stick with the series.

chris January 12, 2011 at 7:09 am

Skeet Ulrich was the ONLY reason I tuned in to this trainwreck of a show. The reason for low ratings was horrible predictable writing and NO PROMOTION from the Pee-cock network run by boobs.

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