Law & Order Officially Cancelled

by on May 14, 2010

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NBC Officially Cancelled Law & Order after deciding they can’t afford to order one more season of the police drama franchise.

Dick Wolf, whose antics during the negotiations, disappointed me, didn’t disappoint after the cancellation announcement. Wolf said “Never Complain. Never Explain.”

On the really bad news side of things, with the May 24th season (and now series) finale already shot, fans won’t be getting any kind of closure with the episode of Law & Order. Arg.

But Wolf and NBC will be meeting to talk about different possibilities for the premise of giving fans closure. Whether it be in the form of having closure in the spin-off, Law & Order: Los Angeles, or a possible 2-hour closure movie.

Yep, NBC couldn’t muster up a record breaking 21st season, but they could muster up less cash for a new spin-off! That’s cool.

Hence, May 24th is now the series finale of Law & Order. Sad times indeed people.

Other NBC Cancellations:

Mercy and Trauma were both cancelled, as they left on the TV series Cancelled ambulance today also… There are only so many medical dramas we can deal with people! I dind’t even bother turning them on! Almost forgot they were on!

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