Leaving Your Dog In The Car: It Doesn’t Need To Be Summer To Be Stupid

by on May 17, 2012

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Dont Cook Your DogYou’ve seen it too often, and that’s a dog sitting inside a locked car, windows up.  Sometimes the windows are closed, sometimes they’re “cracked” open “For the dog.”  Let me make a quick suggestion…  if you’re willing to leave your dog in the car, you should hang out with him/her too and see how it feels.

Then you’ll understand what’s really going on inside that ‘easy bake oven’ on wheels you leave your animal in.

When summer approaches, I’m sure most people think, well, it’s going to be hot, so I won’t take my dog with me when I go places.

Or some might thing that they’ll only be gone a “few minutes.”  A few minutes is three minutes, not thirty.

But none of it can be good, because even on a 78-degree day, the temp inside a car can get to 120 degrees.  On the warmer days, where it hits 90+ degrees, we’re looking at temps in the range of 160 degrees.

On a 72-degree day, it can take a mere 15 minutes for the inside of the car to get to 117 degrees.  Dogs can suffer brain damage when the temps hit 107 and die at 120 degrees.

Did you know that in the UK, the RSPCA is called out to rescue dogs from hot cars, over 6,000 times a year!?

And those “few minutes” may be too many, because it only takes about 15 minutes for an animal to suffer from heatstroke in the oven you leave them in.

Dogs cool themselves via their panting.  If they’re panting into the very environment that’s killing them, it doesn’t really help them.  Humid environments are especially bad because muggy air also prevents your animal from cooling itself down.

Did you know that

“Brachiocephalic (pug-nosed) dogs are more prone to heatstroke because their nasal passages are smaller and it’s more difficult for them to circulate sufficient air for cooling?”

California has taken steps to remove the stupidity of this act.  Penal Code 597.7 PC makes it illegal to leave animals in an unattended vehicle.

And PETA suggests that if you see an animal suffering from heatstroke affects, that one should gather some witnesses to see/confirm that the animal is in distress, then

“take steps to remove the suffering animal and then wait for the authorities to arrive.”

You can call the cops on animals left in hot cars.


Don't Leave Dogs in Hot Cars

In closing…  I’d suggest hanging with your dog in the very environment you think is “OK” for them.  See how it really is inside that car.

And here’s an agreement between you and me:

If I see an animal left in a vehicle that’s in direct sunlight and it looks like it might be suffering, I’ll be taking the necessary measures to ensure its safety.

So take a moment and ponder that if you can’t take your dog with you into where ever you’re headed, maybe you shouldn’t take your dog at all, no matter how much he begs to go with you.

(And before you bitch at me about your “freedom of choice,” just know, I’m only reporting what I’ve seen and passing it on.  Freedom of choice, I would hope, includes smart decisions that don’t end in the suffering of your family pet.)

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