Lifetime’s ‘All She Wants for Christmas,’ A Quick Perspective

by on December 10, 2012

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All She Wants for Christmas tv movie reviewThe other day, late at night, I was looking for a Christmas movie on TV.  Lifetime has been pounding out some decent Christmas fare and so I tuned in to the 2006 TV movie, All She Wants for Christmas.  Not sure it was my best move of the night, especially after watching The Voice earlier.  But there wasn’t much competing.  Thus, I was compelled to spit out this warning TV review.

A young accountant tries to save a toy factory where she works from being closed down, while also pursuing a romance with the mysterious new factory worker who comes to her small town.

It stars Monica Keena (40 Days and Nights) & Tobias Mehler (Battle in Seattle) and is, well, was directed by Ron Oliver (A Dennis the Menace Christmas).

To be honest, the premise for the story is cute and classic.  The setting, during the holidays.  The threat, being a major employer threatens to shut down and fire the workers.  But the acting or delivery of the story is rather flat and un-compelling. (No, that’s not really a word, but it’s what comes out of my brain while experiencing this TV movie.)

I’ve seen better delivery from Syfy TV movies.

And there ya have it… I’ve been caught with Lifetime on in the background.

All She Wants for Christmas is not horrible.  It’s a great background filler but I’m not sure I’d say go out of your way to catch it.


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