‘Lone Ranger’ And What Is Up With The Money Problems?

by on June 15, 2012

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Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in 'The Lone Ranger'I’ve been watching this news for a bit and I have to vent for a moment…  This movie, The Lone Ranger, “starring” Johnny Depp and being directed by Gore Verbinski seems to be having some financial issues like there’s no tomorrow.  First it was almost scrapped last year because of budget issues and then it was given a smaller budget from Disney so it could continue, but now…  tsk, tsk Mr. Verbinski.

Now, The Lone Ranger is running over on time with the filming schedule, and oddly enough, the film has gone over budget.  It’s new, lower budget.  In fact some rumors say he’s gone over the older budget number.

Seriously… how hard is it to check your “checkbook” and plot accordingly?  And why such a push for a western?  Westerns are notorious for having weak performances at the box office.

I do not get the drive that Disney has for this movie.  But one thing is for sure… if they’ve already dumped this much money into it, they’re probably beyond backing out now.

Plus, they’re probably praying that the duo of Depp and Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) can pull it off.

Though, to add to the confusion of it all, The Lone Ranger movie stars Tonto?  Yep… Depp plays Tonto and every reference to it refers to him, not the man playing the Ranger, Arnie Hammer.

Things seem confused at best to me.  Especially with that wack-a-doo head-piece on Depp.

*[The checkbook reference is just an over-simplification of a rather complex process of a movie production.  Though I must admit, how often do we hear about budget issues with making movies?]

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John Habernathy June 18, 2012 at 4:10 pm

If anyone can make this idea work, it would be Depp. He is the consummate character actor and I have never seen a role that he did not do well. He will be the draw to this movie.

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