Longmire, Season Two Premiere

by on May 27, 2013

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Robert Taylor in Longmire

Longmire has returned for its second season, and true to form, the opening scenes of the episode, titled Unquiet Mind, started out with a rare (for TV) cinematic feel. It felt like the True Grit of TV as Walt deals with the static coming out of the radio, and the buffalo facing off with his truck while it stands over its white calf. We see Katee Sackhoff battling the static of the radio, and Robert Taylor, squelching the need for a radio. Typical Walt. Standard Dept. Moretti.

Katee Sackhoff and Robert Taylor in Longmire

They’re transporting a prisoner to a meet with federal agents. The federal agents take their prisoner from Walt, but things go awry and the crooks kill federal agents and make a break for it. It’s an ugly scene of a jail break (so to speak).

Walt is in pursuit. Oh yea, a terrible winter storm is coming in and Branch (Bailey Chase) is still shooting for sheriff of the county. I forgot about that wrinkle in the background, and it definitely plays out as a tension point in the story of the episode.

During the pursuit through the snow covered mountains, Walt starts having conversations with folks that aren’t there, like his own conscious.

Meanwhile, Vic is dealing with the federal agents having taken over the hunt.

Robert Taylor on the set of Longmire

This was classic Longmire, with Walt struggling on against the odds to do his job, his duty. With the viewers being led possibly astray about Branch’s intentions, and Vic lending the emotional content to the mix.

Lou Diamond Phillips in Longmire

I loved seeing the series return, but I do have one question, and that’s if Walt will be having a spiritual journey throughout the entire season, or if this was just of the episode. Depending on how it’s handled, it could serve to truly show us the inner workings of Walt’s mind, adding to the stoic nature of the man. Letting us know what he’s thinking. Because being a man of few words, we could use the help understanding his motivations more clearly. This could be good. We’ll see.

Did you see the previews for The Killing? It premieres this Sunday too! If they stick to the venue of how the first season was produced, it should do very well. Things are good!

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