Looks Like Sony Is Planning on Killing the 3D Movie

by on September 30, 2011

in Entertainment

If you want to know how to stop a semi-trend in its tracks, I think Sony Pictures Entertainment has found a way!

Real 3D - 3D Movie Experience

First, find something that consumers are barely tolerating as it is.  Then, tell movie theaters that they will no longer be paying for the 3D glasses needed to view 3D movies.

In other words, Sony Entertainment is looking to stop footing the bill for the glasses and they’re expecting movie theaters to foot that bill.

And it’s a hefty bill.

Industry estimates say that the 3D glasses that are provided with each movie can cost somewhere between $1 and $10 million.  Yes, per movie, worldwide.  The cost depends on how huge a movie is or will be.

Sony is being “polite” in giving their “distribution  partners” a huge lead time about this.  Sony plans on stopping the 3D spectacles distribution in May, 2012.

So on top of the costs that movie theater owners had to foot to convert some theaters to 3D, Sony now wants them to add more to the outflow.

Sony isn’t alone in this desire to have movie-goers pay for glasses.  And surprisingly, some foreign markets already have movie-goers paying the fee.

This isn’t set in stone either.  Fox tried this already.  I know, not surprising.  And they met with some harsh resistance from theaters.  I suspect the same could happen with Sony.

Consumers already pay more for 3D movies and it seems, the prices will more than likely go up in reaction to this, if it takes place.

I’ve already had issues with live-action 3D movies.  It seems like such a waste most of the time.  But here’s the problem… enough people will pay the fee.  Enough already pay the extra tab for watching 3D movies and as it stands, estimates say that 50 cents of each ticket go towards the 3D movie goggles.

And that’s that.  Enough people already have issues with 3D.  This isn’t going to help the waged campaign.  At all.


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