Lost Cat in Menlo Park (Grey, Fluffy Cat!)

by on June 9, 2012

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I came across another lost cat poster today while on yet another bike ride. I swear, my bike rides are becoming rescue missions these days!

This is a cat lost in Menlo Park, CA. He’s a fluffy, grey cat that has a patch of white on his neck, with a long and fluffy tail, as described in the poster.

He’s wearing a blue collar but might be timid since he’s an indoor cat. His name is Coleman.

My suggestion, if you see him… is two pronged:

First, call the phone number on the poster (in the image below) before you try anything. See if Brian or Maria have any suggestions about how to tease Coleman out of hiding. They may know something that could help tease him out.

What’s always worked for me is tuna and/or kitty snacks.

(I tend to catch a lot of strays, both dog and cats, though dogs have always been easier to cajole than cats. Cats are their own little entities of spirit!)

Lost Cat in Menlo Park


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