LOST Feels Like A Used Car Salesman

by on February 5, 2010

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Lost just keeps teasing and promising, teasing and promising. A few years back the showrunners promised answers and only tossed out more mysteries.

This year, at least they’ve converted one of the most annoying characters, John Locke, (For me that is) into the Smoke monster, embodied.

Now that’s cool.

Other wise, with all the time swapping and parallel universes taking place (My guess only), I feel like they’re just desperately pulling stories out of their backsides.

But before you raz me, yes, I am still watching. I’ve seen it through this far… I am following through and hoping I find more resolution than I have in past seasons.

I hate being lied to. I hold that very close for a very long time. It’s a curse.

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