Lost Series Finale – A bit of a Recap, Review and Bid Farewell [Updated]

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Lost Series Finale

The following is my take on the season finale AND series finale of Lost. Thanks for coming by and feel free to chime in!

Lost was a very fascinating show for me the first few seasons, but as it went forward, it actually created new mysteries while almost never answering the old ones! It drove me nuts. I don’t mind being kept in the dark and teased, but it seemed very very little was answered in the process. Yet as my wife continued to watch, I remained on the fringe of the audience and continued to follow the show.

The first few years we had flashbacks for the characters then suddenly we found ourselves seeing flashforwards. Then this sixth and final season, we found ourselves watching a parallel set of flashes for each character.

For me, they answered my big bug-a-boo with the origin of the smoke monster… though up until tonight, I could never tell who was good and who was evil.

Now that I have my answers and can move forward, it’s too late. The series finale is upon us.

Locke was the one character that drove me the nuttiest. He kept jamming himself into the situation, making management type decisions for the group, not caring what anyone else wanted. Though I’m liking “Locke” now, now that he’s the smoke monster.

Jack was just tormented. It didn’t matter what time line we were watching. Sure, he looked happy in alternate time, but he still drove himself about somethings.

Lost - Josh Holloway as James Sawyer Ford

I found that Sawyer resonated the most with myself. I saw in Sawyer an understanding individual with an underlying seed of hurt and/or protective anger just beneath the surface. I also think that over in the parallel Lost-verse, he makes a great cop! (Spin-off, spin-off!!! Lost Detectives)

The pre-series finale was a great recap of the first 5.9 seasons. It brought a few things to the surface for me and I suddenly understood a bit more than I did from merely watching Lost this season.

This is all I have for you. Did you know that all but 4 scenes have been shot in Hawaii? Yea, cool.

For now, with Jack as the new protector of the island, let’s see what is in store for us.

I’ll talk about the Lost Series Finale here after I’ve seen the show! Come back and check on what I have to say about the series finale of Lost.

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Review of the Lost Series Finale:

SPOILERS for the few time-shifted viewers who will be watching later. For those really brave, there’s a 2nd BIG SPOILER warning at the bottom of this post. I think reading that spoiler ONLY can really help you enjoy the final episode of Lost and help it make so much more sense of the entire season that I actually recommend that 2nd spoiler. Yep, I’m actually suggesting checking out a spoiler. But that’s up to you.

Lost Season 6 Series Finale

The Lost Series Finale maintained the very momentum of story telling that made it the riveting TV series that it had been over the last 6 years. It took 2 1/2 hours of TV air time because it felt like there was a set of ads every 5 minutes. (Felt like but not really. It was every 10 minutes.)

In the fashion that Lost has made us accustomed to, I’m only going to touch on what happened in the island part of the series finale. It will all make sense when you read my 2nd BIG SPOILER. (In my humble opinion)

As always Sawyer continued nick-naming Hurley. (Bigfoot! LOL) Richard started to get grey hair, now that Jacob’s gone.

Do you remember when Jacob explained that the island was a cork that kept evil at bay, or something to that effect? I forget who he was chatting with, but tonight Desmond was dropped down the well of golden light at the center of the island and pulled “the cork!”

The island rocked hard after the golden light went away and became red. Locke and Jack go at it pretty good… Somehow, after being contstantly beaten over the years, Jack has learned to fight? Cool. After Jack and Kate put down Locke; Jack, Hurley (“Can you see me going down that thing?” [the flimsy ladder on cliff edge]) and Ben stick around while Sawyer and Kate made book for the airplane.

Jack was badly hurt and he has Hurley drink the water so he is now like Jack and Jack drops down into the well and replaces the cork.

Hurley and Ben stick around to take care of the island and Jack finds himself in a different part of the island and wanders through the cane forest until he lays down to die. He lay there, passing away, much like when he came to right after the crash in that first episode.

The tan Labrador, Vincent, found Jack and laid down next to him to keep him company in his last moments. I didn’t understand the connection between Jack and the dog, but the symbolic imagery of not dying alone hit me. (Having a dog and seeing the unwavering loyalty to a friend hit me pretty hard actually. Yea, I’m a sap for some imagery.)

Thus, the mysteries have come to a close and everyone’s tale, everyone’s book, has been closed.

Farewell and take care Jack, Hugo, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Kate, Locke, Claire, Ben, Charlie, Desmond, Michael, Juliet, Vincent and every other character from Lost.

What a journey, that in the end, was worth it.



To me, the 2nd reality was very frustrating, not understanding what it was about. I was cussing and kicking the TV because I thought it was just another curiosity driving story line.

I discovered the truth of it Saturday when someone I know who knew, let me know what it was and suddenly the entire alternate existense stopped frustrating me. In fact, it made it a pleasure to watch and the entire show made perfect sense. Wow!

As we discover in the closing minutes of Lost’s Series Finale, the entire alternate story line for the characters took place in heaven. Everyone was caught up in their own memories or projections and did not realize it until something triggered their memory of their mortal lives. Once they remembered, they went to a church where they met the people that really mattered to them in their mortal lives… including Jack’s dad.

I think the premise that some aren’t getting is that it doesn’t matter when they died in their life because time isn’t an issue in heaven. As when Hurley thanked Benjamin Linus for being a great second!

Kate looked hot in heaven… that can’t be right, can it?


The advertisements from Target were damn funny. The smoke monster running from a First Alert Smoke alarm was over the top funny!

It was quite the ending to a wonderfully engaging TV series. Even if it annoyed me during the 6 years. I was so caught up in the finale of Lost that it didn’t matter if any mysteries were left unanswered. I came away happy to have been a part of the show for these last 6 years.

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