‘Magic Mike’ – What Critics Are Saying; Box Office Performance & A Play?

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What critics are saying about Channing Tatum in 'Magic Mike'Magic Mike is doing pretty good for itself this weekend at the box office.  It’s only Saturday morning and box office estimates are giving it around $50M+ weekend, easy.  And movie critics are finding the movie rather agreeable to boot.  Plus it must be tracking well enough already to have it being considered to be made into a Broadway musical!

Magic Mike is the male stripper movie inspired by Channing Tatum‘s time spent as an actual male stripper.  Director Steven Soderbergh directed this comedy-drama that also stars Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Cody Horn and a huge assortment of eye candy for the female and gay male audience.

But what are critics saying about the movie?  Below are selected critics whom I know and over time have come to trust above and beyond all others in this world of movie reviewers.

First up is ScreenRant‘s Kofi Outlaw.  Kofi has an intelligent and artful eye towards the movie medium and his reviews are approached with both the art of the film as well as the general movie-goer in mind:

He says

Being that it’s a creation of Steven Soderbergh (Contagion, Haywire), it should be no surprise that (like its titular character) Magic Mike is more than the superficial flesh-fest it may initially seem to be.

Magic Mike takes a familiar story and transforms it into something modern, unique and beautiful to look at (and I’m not just talking beefcakes, here). The great performances outweigh the cliched (and at times, meandering) story beats of first-time feature-film screenwriter Reid Carolin’s script



What are different movie reviews saying about Channing Tatum and Cody Horn in 'Magic Mike'EW seems to have a collective of reviewers of the same mindset, and hence, I lean towards also trusting the site…

Owen Gleiberman says

Soderbergh, working from a script by Reid Carolin, ushers us into the backstage world of the Xquisite club, a genially tacky subculture of players, losers, and beefcake innocents whom the film observes with a shrewdness and detail to rival the hardcore-porn ”family” in Boogie Nights and the professional fighters in The Wrestler.

Directing in his clear-eyed, tartly deadpan style, Soderbergh regards Mike with a juicy blend of amusement and compassion.



Tom Long from the Detroit News says:

Reviews of 'Magic Mike' look good

“Magic Mike,” a spirited and revealing (pun intended) look at the culture of male strippers, directed by Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic,” “Erin Brockovich”) and starring Channing Tatum, who spent eight months as a stripper when he was 19.

The story is a familiar, if effective, outsider-looking-in device.

…Soderbergh and producer/star Tatum are shooting for here is a portrait of a subculture, and that portrait crackles with energy.



The ever terse Normam Wilner from Now Toronto puts our minds at ease about director Soderbergh’s potential for his high-art approach to movie-making:

If you found Steven Soderbergh’s take on action movies in Haywire a bit too cerebral, you’ll likely be happier with Magic Mike, a brawnier but no less brainy reworking of Flashdance…


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What? A Box Office Records The Avengers Hasn’t Trounced?

Brusimm's Box Office Movie ReportAnd if the reviews aren’t enough, both Ted and Magic Mike are looking to break a box office record category (what’s left over after The Avengers have destroyed all the other catagories) of an original rated-R comedy.

Right now The Hangover had opened in 2009 to a $45M weekend and Ted and Mike and estimated to be looking at $50M and $47M weekend.

Thanks in combined part to great word-of-mouth, fans of the cast and inflationary rates!

And the movie is not done opening around the world yet.  It still has a few premiere dates to go overseas:

Czech Republic  –  6 July 2012 (Karlovy Vary Film Festival)
Ireland   –   11 July 2012
UK  –  11 July 2012
Netherlands  –  12 July 2012
Portugal  –  12 July 2012
Iceland   –  13 July 2012
Poland     –   13 July 2012
Australia   –  26 July 2012
New Zealand  –  26 July 2012
Hungary   –  9 August 2012
Singapore  –  9 August 2012
Belgium  –  15 August 2012
France    –  15 August 2012
Germany   –   16 August 2012

Movie Title Tidbit:

The movie is also known as (AKA)

?arobni Majk      –      Serbia
Bez kalhot      –      Czech Republic
Magiskasis Maikas      –      Lithuania (imdb display title)

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Magic Mike, The Musical!

Magic Mike, the musical stage productionAnd as if the box office reviews and numbers isn’t enough good news to go around, and if you are more the stage fan than movie fan… patience will be your reward.

Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh are looking to turn this movie into a musical stage production as co-producers.  The production is expected to hit Broadway by the summer of 2013.

No cast have been announced yet.

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What critics are saying about Channing Tatum in 'Magic Mike'= = =

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