Man made UFO Catches Attention of Many

by on October 31, 2009

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So what happens when you tether hundreds of helium-filled balloons containing LEDs together, wrap them up in a net and let it float away over the countryside?

Well, lots of alien-spotters, local radio coverage, TV coverage & astronomy experts go nuts.

Instead of the flying UFO that was estimated to be a planet or meteor shower at 20,000 feet, it was a home made party beacon!

Ouch! Now that is one way to advertise your wife’s party!

Which is what Mr. Hewitt, of Dunham Massey, Altrincham, Cheshire was doing last Saturday night when he launched his beacon!

I’ve flown bags before! I’ve taken a black trash bag outdoors, scooped some air, and tied it closed. (And tethered it to the ground!) The Sun heats up the air inside, the air gets hotter and finally, hot air rises, and so does the balloon!

At least I didn’t make a media craze playing around!

Check out the source article at the Telegraph. Fun read really.

You can check out the entire humorous debacle at the Telegraph.

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