Man of Steel – A Question: Is Batman Going To Make a Cameo?

by on December 12, 2012

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Man of Steel movie poster

Today I’m looking at a few pieces of media about the Man of Steel movie. Of note is a curious and “persistent Batman rumor” associated with the movie and it got me to thinking. If you are planning to see The Dark Knight Rises, you may want to know that there are huge movie-ending spoilers in this article.

You’ve been warned and I’ll warn you again right before I start spouting movie-ruining details.

In the latest Superman franchise film due out in June of 2013, called Man of Steel, has some interesting rumors, or hopes or suspicions floating around about it.

The rumors got started when earlier rumors last month were saying that Joseph Gordon-Levitt could play Batman in the upcoming DC comics Justice League movie. Since then, I’ve seen denials and such about that particular issue. But this got some to thinking about if there might be a cameo for Batman in Man of Steel.

So the good (curious) folks at Movieline (bless their souls) were at a shindig and had a chance to chat with and ask Christopher Nolan, whose producing Man of Steel and directed the Dark Knight films, if movie fans would see a cameo of anyone, as Batman. His reply was,

I can’t talk about that. You know that.”

And the fact that Nolan did not shoot down the premise gave for folks at Movieline a glimmer of hope. Though, to be honest, it’s easy enough to not deny a rumor, giving it more life. And that in and of itself is great marketing. Case in point… you’re reading this because I was inspired to write something.

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The Curious Ending of The Dark Knight Rises

This is where the spoilers kick in.

Now there are all kinds of concerns on how Batman did not die at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

As the film ends, you knew that the auto-pilot was broken. He even told someone it was broken, just as they were hooking up the A-bomb to his plane. He then flew the Batwing out over the ocean dragging the A-bomb with him. In flight, we saw a close up of him in the (or a) cockpit, then moments later, we saw the bomb go off, out over the ocean, far away from the city.

After the fact, we learned that Bruce Wayne had indeed fixed the auto-pilot on an existing, surviving Batwing, and in closing scenes, we saw that Alfred saw Bruce at a little cafe in France. Just like in his vision.

The question remains, when did Batman have a chance to get out of the plane cockpit that he was shown in, or in such a timely fashion to get far enough away from the blast?

The following is my anchor to why I suspect we might be seeing Batman, or maybe a suggested premise of his presence in Man of Steel:

Do you remember the early promo posters that came out for The Dark Knight Rises?

Here’s the full promo poster… look under the wing tip on the left:

Dark Knight Rises promo with Superman symbol

Here’s a close-up of that:

Dark Knight Rises promo with Superman symbol

This only showed up in one rendition of the marketing art early on. So I ask why?

Why, I ask would that be there? We never saw the son of Krypton in the movie, as far as we know. But the logo is a blur in the promo art. He could have been a blur in the movie. And when folks ask how Batman got out of the plane, well, just maybe, we’ll have a moment in the movie, a suggestion or even a scene where Superman might help save Batman. In the movie, the A-bomb was national news. So everyone knew what was going on.

So even though I originally thought Supes would show up in Rises, and did not, now I’m thinking we might see Bats in Steel.

At the time, Nolan knew he would be producing Man of Steel. So, yea… either Nolan is outright messing with my head, or he sent a message of some sort and took a moment to send out a tease. For me, I’m thinking Superman swooped in and got Bats out. And we might even see that moment and see Batman in Man of Steel!

So those are my thoughts on that one. Until the movie comes out and my suspicions are dashed yet again! LOL…

Anyone out there have any thoughts on the matter?

= = =

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