Marvel Looking For an Avengers TV Show?

by on July 27, 2012

in Entertainment

Brusimm tv newsPer Deadline, news is that Disney/Marvel, in its drive to get a dominant primetime foothold, is looking to develop a TV series set in the world of The Avengers, though, probably not including the characters from Joss Whedon’s The Avengers movie itself.

If that makes no sense, don’t worry. I’m a bit confounded too why it would be important that this show would take place in the same world as the ensemble of heroes, but not in some way include them. But that’s the news right now.

This show is just in the germinating stages of development. Meaning, more or less, that someone had an idea and they’re tossing around some premises.

It seems to be hard to toss out a great TV series based on superheroes. It’s not impossible, AKA, Smallville, but to generate a great dramatic series with action-packed superhero resolutions is a tough balance.

We’ll see if this becomes a live-action TV project or an animated series, like so many other superhero projects end up.


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