Marvel X-Men Animation Cels Going Up For Auction

by on October 9, 2012

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Marvel Animation Cel with Captain America and WolerineIf you were a fan of the animated Marvel cartoon on TV in the 1990’s, The X-Men series, you have a chance to own a piece of that TV history.  The X-Men cartoon series has been the longest running Marvel Comics property on TV, to date.

Profiles in History will be having an online auction on December 1st, 2012 of over 500 different cels from the animated X-Men series.

Some highlighted items going up for auction include

-A 1997 original production cel on key matching background of “Captain America” and “Wolverine” from the episode, Old Soldiers. (Pictured)

-A 1993 original production cel and key matching production background featuring “Rogue”, “Omega Red”, “Jubilee” & “Gambit” from the episode Red Dawn.

-A 1994 original production cel and key matching production panoramic background featuring “Gambit” from the episode The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 4): The Fate of the Phoenix.

And more.

Expected going prices are between $100-300 but past auctions like this have seen prices of select cels go for as much as $1,500.

If you have some cash on hand, if you’re a fan of the series and/or a collector of such rare items, you must might be in luck, come Dec 1st.

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