McDonald’s Chicken McBites Product Review – Not Impressive [Consumer]

by on February 10, 2012

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Today I thought I’d try the new McDonald’s Chicken McBites.  This is a product review of that new product.

I’m always looking for something like their McBites.  I love KFC’s Popcorn Chicken product.  That’s yummy.  So I hit up McD’s with some expectations.  And my expectations were dashed pretty bad.

Normally when a fast food chain puts out a new product, they put their best foot forward at first.  Usually.  In this case, if this is McDonald’s best foot forward, for these Chicken Bites, they need to stick to everything else that’s on the menu and move on.

The chicken bites are mostly pretty small pieces, smaller than KFC’s.  I had way too many pieces that were tiny and all bread.  Other pieces were small and a few of them were actually dippable.

The Bites come with sauces.  But if you treat them like the finger-food, over half the pieces are so small that you’ll be getting messy trying to get these tiny things dipped.

I do not recommend even giving them a once over.  It wasn’t very satisfying.

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